1. Mort says

    They’ve been together a whole month, huh? So much fun to see Simon Cowell’s “skeptical face” (not to mention those stony-faced judge and audience shots) aimed at a group he most likely assembled himself. And so the mass audience manipulation (and huge global marketing effort) begins.

    Ftr, I couldn’t bring myself to listen to the song. I don’t care how talented these guys are. I dislike being jerked around.

  2. jtramon says

    Beautiful voices, and not bad on the eyes!

    TO “MORT”: Maybe you need to take a nap. You’re one grouchy s.o.b. You must be a ball to be around.

  3. Gary says

    Always looking for one stand out with these boy bands. It’s probably the one in the boots. This song provided a twinge of embarrassment combined with that hint of hardness down south, that makes these boy bands so popular.

  4. gr8guya says

    I watch these shows a lot and something about this makes me suspicious. They seem too good and too slick. I suspect longer than a month and the help of a coach. Contestants have learned how to “game” the system with a good story. (Heck, maybe I have just gotta blase’.)

  5. tinhouston says

    well, I didn’t think they were all that good….HOWEVER, considering they had only been together for a month, not bad. I would think they would/should improve as they train together more. And boy they are good looking kids.

  6. Matt27 says

    Another song from Les Misérables. I like they took unusual way. They’re not belters, but the first soloist could be, he has the strongest voice for theater, the second from left has a voice and looks for romantic leading roles (like Marius). The other three, well…

  7. Robert M. says

    All five of them clearly have classical training from some extremely good source. The fact that the’ve only been together for a month is far less important than what they’ve done with that month. I suspect that they’ve known each other or at least been aware of each other for some time. I think they have quite a bright future together as a group…

  8. says

    I was waiting for one voice to really step forward but didn’t hear it. The kid with the dark hair and white untied high-tops is the most appealing. You will hear the same group sounds from any good musical so I’m not sure what all the fuss is about.

  9. anon says

    The last thing the world needs is another prepackaged and stage-managed boy band. Simon Cowell’s continued quest to preserve the idea that talent can be manufactured through middle-men in the music industry needs cutting down.

  10. CHRISTOPHER I says

    They weren’t perfect, but they actually sang harmony which is more than I can say for One Direction. If they can get songs half as good as 1D has, they could be great!

  11. bandanajack says

    that was boyband as choir. they weren’t pitch perfect, but they will be by show’s end. absolutely all of them vocally trained, all of them with good range. manufactured groups need outsiders to do arrangement for them, even if they are talented. if these gents know how to arrange their choices, know who sings what, their professionalism will take them far. and they are an appealing lot. in the tradition of boyband watchers, i have picked a favorite, the tall emotional nerdy one off to viewers right.

    the look on simon’s face was dollar signs, lots and lots of dollar signs.

  12. Moz's says

    Exactly Bandanajack

    simon cowle had $$ kaching eyes whether he manufactured this 1st time presentation or didn’t (doesn’t mater) Simon is going to make bank on them

  13. TallAsian says

    I think they did great. I’m great friends with one of them and they were practicing so hard to get it right their voices were wrecked when they did the audition so I’m so proud of them for doing so well! Living with this guy and seeing him try so hard to do something with himself I’m so glad that finally he’s had a chance to shine.

  14. TallAsian says

    I think they did great. I’m great friends with one of them and they were practicing so hard to get it right their voices were wrecked when they did the audition so I’m so proud of them for doing so well! Living with this guy and seeing him try so hard to do something with himself I’m so glad that finally he’s had a chance to shine.

  15. Chadd says

    Good for them. Whatever their origins, they are clearly not professionals. Yet. They were genuinely overwhelmed by the reaction and their lives have just changed. Maybe Susan Boyle can give them some pointers on dealing with it.

  16. Richard says

    The young men whether their story is contrived or not were very moving as a group. Not always pitch perfect but the emotion they bring to a song for stage production is outstanding. I have listened to it over and over. “TallAsian” no matter which of the 5 you are friends with they all have immense talent and I can envision/hear any one of them in the cast of Les Mis.

  17. John says

    It is all very nice. Very cute boys who can hold a tune. However from the get go everything is staged. From what they say to when the audience are encouraged to stand & clap. These type of shows need to become more realistic. Quite hard to believe their longevity really. For these lads they are about to enjoy the big time…but first the makeovers. Il Divo are getting old after all. I wish them luck & happiness anyway.

  18. lookyloo says

    Young guys singing a Broadway musical song?.. posted on a gay men centric website? Wow! I love the cliche-ness! Embrace it.

    Seriously, these guys are good singers and all but there are LOTS of musicians, singers, etc who are gay or allies who don’t do Broadway or dance music who never or rarely get any mention on sites like Towleroad here.

    Why is that? Is the music coverage that unimportant, lazy, or neglected that only stereotypically gay or the occasional cute-out guy’s music is worthy of mention here?

    – Gay pioneering Heavy Metal singer Rob Halford recently announced the new Judas Priest album is done. No coverage here.
    – Super long time ally pop-punk band Green Day (who also have a Broadway musical for stereotyping fun) has a new album out for Record Store Appreciation Day coming up.
    – Important rock band Faith No More (who have some subversive gay-themed songs like ‘Be Aggressive’) with their gay keyboardist Roddy Bottum (who’s also scored some gay-themed movies and raises money for AIDS via bike rides) have re-banded for a massive British festival.
    – Gay ‘alt-rock’ tastemaker Bob Mould (husker du, sugar) has a new album out
    – Trailblazing grunge-predecessors Pixies (I’m pretty sure there’s something ‘gay’ related to them but I don’t know what it is) have a new, poorly reviewed album out after a long break – and they’re playing Coachella.
    – A supergroup featuring gay bassist and frontman from early funk-metal band Kings X, Doug Pinnick, (aka DUg Pinnick) and a guy from KORN released a new song.

    And that’s all just off the top of my head.

    Really people – There’s tons of music that’s gay-relevant that’s not Britney or Broadway. Get with the info, Towleroad – Knowledge and sharing… It’s good for us.

  19. Joseph Singer says

    @wheelie81: If you don’t like boy bands no one is forcing you to look at anything. Take some responsibility for yourself and also know that it’s really not all about you!

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