1. bicurious says

    I hate to be a Debbie Downer, but that poor gay is going to most likely find himself slowly being shut out of his lady friend’s life as she builds a family with her new husband……at least that has been the experience of me and my friends.

  2. mE says

    sad that instead of making it about the bride and groom he made it all about himself being surrounded by muscle dudes. i laughed hard around the 4:24 mark when the bride is enjoying it with her hand movements but the groom is clenching his jaw in complete discomfort

  3. Lucas says

    @Bicurious, I hate it when people take their own experiences, and then proceed to project their doom and misery on others. Two of my best friends are women whom are married now and they have not shut me out of their lives at all. In fact, I am now good friends with their husbands as well. Maybe your girlfriend who shut you out wasn’t a very good friend to begin with.

  4. reality says

    Yeah, i agree. He made this entirely about himself – he wanted to put on a show for people to cheer for him. This wasn’t much about the bride or the married couple, more an opportunity for him to be lifted by men and dance around. Oh well.

  5. Mike in the Tundra says

    @ Bicurious – I always hung out with a woman from work. When she married, I was in the wedding party. I was godfather to their first child. I never realized how involved I was with their life, until her husband introduced me as his wife’s gay husband.

    Everyone’s different.

  6. cdubois says

    Slightly self indulgent, but then again that’s the point of weddings! I get really uncomfortable in situations like this. The thought is very sweet and nice but I get so embarrassed for these people… but that says more about me than them I guess. On a side tangent, my BFF since high school is a women who is now married and we are closer now than ever. I think people need to change and grow with their friends and loved ones, otherwise you find yourself slowly growing apart. If you are expecting your newly married friend to continue to go out with you to bars every night and have late night gab sessions with you on the phone then yes, you probably will grow apart. But if you adjust your behavior to account for the new responsibilities and changes in her life then you guys will remain close and grow stronger as friends. Look at it from her side as well, don’t fixate on the things you think you are losing during the transition period…

  7. Steve says

    I’m so sick of the craven need to turn everything into a viral video and the gay flash mob wedding proposals. That said, I loved this. Totally cracked me up and the dancing was campy and excellent. Best of all, the bride dug it.

  8. says

    I can see why are upset about the Stereotype about gay men that this video reinforces. It reinforces the stereotype that gay men are fun, outgoing, vivacious, well-liked and loved people who do things to make their friends happy. Gay men who care to do something fun and creative for a person they love, who loves them back.

    For a worthless troll like “Perry” this is constantly devastating.

    Andy, next time can you please highlight a wedding video that shows a gay Best friend being boring, unliked, unloved, milquetoast and extremely homely? We need the Perry’s of the world to be represented, too. The Perry’s of the world are clearly not being helped by this harmful stereotype that gay men are awesome folks whom other people love to be around.

  9. AJ says

    I thought it was pretty good but went on way too long. It was very well done and he made his point but I felt bad for the groom. It’s like this dude totally showed him up. 2 or 3 minutes max.

  10. will says

    This looks exhausting to watch. I’d feel trapped having to sit through what is, in essence, a third-rate Broadway showstopper. And it’s infantilizing, treating us like children who always have sex on the brain.

  11. steve talbert says

    what a strange dynamic. They must by Southerners.. it’s very passive aggressive. They should have done Jack and Grace routine from Will and Grace.

  12. Perry says

    Hey look ,Little Kiwi responds and all I hear is “blah, blah, blah please look at my blog. blah, blah, blah I am desperate for attention. blah, blah, blah I know what is best for all gay men. blah, blah, blah can some please give me food I am anorexic as you can see from my pics”

  13. emjayay says

    don’t a tell la: Ha!

    Anyway, OK, but have to agree with a lot of you guys…too long, too self indulgent and not about the couple, bad music, no lighting, etc. etc.

    Those here complaining about the gay stereotype – how about the women, portrayed as trashy tramps? The guy’s choreography was much more just about cool movement, not cheap hooker sex.

    Hope the people there enjoyed it.

  14. Liam says

    Steve Talbert: Seriously? You got southerner from that video? Did you listen to the accents of the people in the crowd? I didn’t hear a drawl anywhere.
    This took place in California!

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