Bruce LaBruce’s New Film About An 18-Year Old Falling For An 81-Year Old: VIDEO



Tell me about the casting process. How did you go bout finding your two protagonists?

In my script for Gerontophilia, the characters, as written, were 18 and 81, so I really wanted to cast actors pretty much the same age as the characters in order to give the movie a super-gerontophile effect. I cast both actors, 18-year-old Pier-Gabriel Lajoie, who is straight, and 81-year-old Walter Borden, who is gay, through casting agents. PG had a very innocent and sweet and tender quality, which was consistent with his character of Lake. He is also very beautiful, which adds a nice irony to his gerontophilia—he is the ultimate object of desire in a society which overvalues youth and beauty, and yet his sexual choice is for the elderly, who are not considered sexually attractive. Walter is also a very handsome, charismatic man, and I think he’s sexy. He proves that elders can be sexy. […]

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