1. Continuum says

    I tend to agree with Singer’s attorney . . . people who have real grievances don’t hold press conferences with their lawyers . . . they sue in court or go to the district attorney.

    The actions of Michael Egan and his attorney reek of a publicity hound looking for some dough.

  2. June says

    This is what happens when male sodomites have their way. We will be back to the sins of Greece where mothers were forced to give up their young sons for the pleasures of sodomites. It will surely be the fire next time. I hope X-men is boycotted!

  3. jeo says

    The complaint has quite a lot of detail about the houses in LA and hawaii, at least leading credence to him being present at those places. If not to be a houseboy, then why was he there?

  4. says

    Most actual victims of sexual abuse want criminal charges filed and met. Because that’s what justice is – the abuser serving time. Actual punishment for an actual crime. I do not like to dismiss those bring up allegations of abuse, but when they go for money and not *justice* it hurts their claims.

    this is not to say that the casting couch does not exist, nor that the pressures to “please” do not exist – but this has the unfortunate stench of opportunism around it.

    I was talking to friends about this, and they mentioned how it was similar to the Dylan Farrow accusations – to which i vehemently disagree. Dylan Farrow, as far as I know, is not looking for a book deal, or a reality show, or money – she, it truly seems, is going through what many *other* victims of abuse are able to as adults – demand acknowledgement for what happened. Acknowledgment that they are not crazy, that they are not confused, acknowledgement that It Happened.

    This seems to be the story of a failed actor who saw a chance to make headlines, make some bucks, all timed before the release of what is at present the most anticipated tent-pole blockbuster of the year.

  5. Continuum says

    Dear June,

    Paraphrasing from the Wizard of Oz.

    Glenda to the Wicked Witch . . . “Bugger off my dear, you have no powers here.”

    With Best Regards,

    A Sodomite

  6. June says

    To Continuum, why do adult sodomites covet the bodies of young, under 18 year old boys? Why do sodomites seem incapable of sexual self-control? Why are all your “role-models” whores (Harvey Milk to Dan Savage and everyone in between)? As a heterosexual woman, I would not be against sodomy if it wasn’t clear to me that it will lead to the exploitation of children. You do not care about the well-being of little children, just your own carnal pleasures. It is frightening to the extreme! You lack basic morality. How does it feel to be so depraved in the flesh?

  7. says

    for those unfamiliar with the troll June, Faye Dunaway’s character in CHINATOWN was based on her.

    “she’s my sister…daughter…sister..daughter, she’s my sister and my daughter!”

    yes, June. we know. now go chug a bottle of bleach. be gone, ye.

  8. mason says

    June – I don’t if you must know. But that’s the last I’ll speak to you. I hope you enjoy the view under your bridge…

    On to more pressing things. I read this on The Daily Beast and wondered why Singer wasn’t a defendant in the 2000 suit, and why wait an additional 15 years? Obviously Egan was able to seek restitution for the ills committed against him, why not include those people that were at the parties?

  9. disgusted merican says

    Hey June my dear – you do realize I hope that Sodomy is considered ANY and ALL sex that NOT PP to VaJJ hetero Missionary….so June, ORAL is SODOMY too……are you a sodomite June? If NOT, why NOT? Boring sex life?

  10. says

    actually, Disgusted, BIBLICALLY-speaking “sodomy” is the act of hoarding wealth and provisions and not being hospitable and generous and giving to those who are in need.

    Ezekiel 16 – ignore ‘June’ – a worthless non-entity who will one day die after having left no meaningful stamp on this earth.

  11. AJ says

    Trolls make me sick. Sorry, June, but I am not now not have I ever been attracted to children. I’m in my late 30s and I barely find men in their 20s attractive. Crawl back under the pathetic rock you crawled out from under. If trolling is your pastime, you need to get a life.

    As for this incident, it’s really hard to say. The press conference thing reeks of attention-seeking. Most victims of sexual abuse don’t want to put themselves through that. It reads false to me, but that’s just my snap judgment. I wouldn’t put it past rich dudes in Hollywood to see themselves as god-like and have a house full of rent boys.

  12. Seattle Mike says

    Heterosexual men have raped underage women, therefore all heterosexuals are interested in pursuing only their own carnal pleasures. Or something.

  13. ratbastard says

    Would anyone really be surprised if what Egan says is pretty much accurate? We are talking about ‘nice’ people here, mostly highly narcissistic individuals abusing cocaine and meth,.not a combination that produces nice, decent people with impulse control.

    Now I don’t think Egan is or was as innocent as he claims, but the whole thing reeks. AndI say the same thing if it involved girls.

  14. James H says

    @ June – Why to adult heterosexuals covet the bodies of young, 18 year old girls? Why do heterosexuals seem incapable of sexual self-control? As a gay may, I would not be against heterosexuals if it wasn’t clear to me that it will lead to the exploitation of children. You don’t care about the well being of children. Heterosexual men lack basic morality.

  15. Dixichuk says

    @june and others. This is not a scenario most often associated with same sex acts but instead most often perpetrated by heterosexuals against young girls. Too many anecdotes from underage models to actresses to boardroom bosses and young female junior execs. It is a travesty from any perspective. I hope he prevails. It can take many years to summon the courage to come forward much less summon the energy to fight Goliath.
    I assume statute of limitation has run out for criminal charges so civil justice with monetary consequences is the only legal option remaining.

  16. mason says

    @Ratbastard, I’m sure that some of it is true. There was a $4 million settlement that was founded against Collins-Rector (because he fled the country). However, Egan has had multiple times and years between to file a suit. Why now? If he was perfectly fine to file a suit again Collins-Rector and Shackley in 2000 why not include Singer then? Singer had just wrapped up X-men, he was high profile. He says he was traumatized, and being 17 and having that happen would be. Yet he didn’t name Singer in his first suit. It makes doing so now seem a little Gloria Allredish to me.

  17. Melvyn says

    Who cares if the guy is seeking monetary restitution or public humiliation? How he seeks his payback is irrelevant. What matters in the end is whether his allegations are true or not. AND if they are true I am all for Singer’s reputation ending thoroughly destroyed and for him to get hit where it hurts him the most: his pocket!

  18. Jack M says

    Don’t forget, June, that women are raped when male heterosexuals have their way. The fault is not with human sexuality, but with humans in general. We can all do terrible things to each other, so let’s not point fingers across the fence.

  19. aki says

    looks like somebody wanted to be an actor/model and hooked up with a couple of influencial guys hoping for connections and jobs . However his career never took of and one day he woke up in his 30ies and decided to shake down some trees.

  20. Jeremiah says

    Well this in some ways brings back memories of when I was 18 and had moved to NYC to attend college. That summer I went out to Fire Island with a new friend who was a year or two older. He knew several people out on the island and one of them (a diamond merchant from midtown), while at the Botel T Dance invited us to his house that evening. When we arrived there there were no less than 15 or 20 guys all about my age and several older men, one of which was Steve Rubell, another was Calvin Klein. The house was a big wooden contemporary on the beach. There was plenty of alcohol flowing and other recreational substances and one thing lead to another and the older guys (whom I’ve mentioned, but also another one or two) were basically exactly what this guy is claiming in his complaint and video. Has it always bothered me? Yes. But I put myself in that position.

  21. Melvin says

    No Jeremiah, this is not Aaron similar situation. YOU were 18 when you attended his party. This guy was 15-17 when the abuse took place. He was under the legal age of consent which qualifies the sex acts as statutory rape.

    Why do you keep forgetting the age of the guy when this happened? That is the crux of the issue. Even if he was looking to further his career he was under the legal age of consent.

  22. bobbyjoe says

    I think @Mason asks one of the most relevant questions: if Singer wasn’t named in the original suit in 2000 (and why wouldn’t he have been?), then why wait nearly fifteen years to suddenly make it about Singer? Wasn’t the accuser originally implying he’d been afraid to come forward because of this supposed big gay Hollywood conspiracy? But if a suit was filed in 2000, that suggests he and his representatives weren’t exactly quaking in their boots back then and weren’t afraid to act. So then why the long, long wait until now to suddenly pop up accusing Singer? So the accuser, who would have been in his twenties and thirties for much of this time, didn’t think if all this supposed abuse was going on from Singer that it might be a good idea to try and stop it or publicize it way back then so it would protect other kids? Yeah, I’m not sure “I was drunk for 12 years” quite covers that. Something sure smells fishy about this timeline.

  23. jomicur says

    So, let me get this straight. He went to sex and drug-fueled parties, had sex, did drugs and now is trying to sue someone over it. Um…okay. I went to a birthday party last week and ate ore cake than I should have. Who do I get to sue?

  24. dean says

    If this guy just got sober in the past two years, it makes sense that he’s finally processing his life. Having lived in and worked in LA myself, and witnessed similar behavior as described in the complaint, it is very possible that all of this did happen. Unfortunately putting yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time with power hungry bastards is a dangerous choice. The lawsuit might just be therapy but I really doubt it’ll go anywhere regardless of the truth.

  25. Lucas H says

    I feel like there are a lot of different aspects to this discussion here. One thing that doesn’t seem to be in doubt is Singer’s guilt. So putting that aside, the questions I have, and haven’t resolved myself, are: how much responsibility does Egan himself bear for his decisions? Where do we draw the line, as a culture, in terms of the morality of “chicken-hawking”? How would we look on this situation if the people involved were heterosexual and opposite genders? How does the double standard and homophobic change our view of the situation? And regardless of that, does what occurred qualify as rape, as a coerced sexual encounter?

    IDK. Hot mess. I feel bad for all parties involved. Still gonna see X-Men.

  26. Rowan says

    Exactly JEREMIAH. I too have been in similar situations….and could’ve left. It’s BS. If he’d made it, we’d know him as Brad Pitt. Ha.

    Rat, of course he is telling the truth-I completely agree with your assessment and especially the insane human need to worship false idols in the GD entertainment industry!!!

    We are sick us humans. Sick.

    Who is worst?

  27. Michael says

    I must have missed the part where they forced him to live in the house, take drugs, drink alcohol and go to these parties?

    He chose to put himself in that situation knowing exactly what it entailed.

  28. bicurious says

    I was extremely good looking as a young man and certainly had my share of older powerful men interested in having their way with me. When the interest was mutual I said yes. When it wasn’t I said no. It was pretty simple. I suppose I just don’t get this culture of victimhood. People should expect to take responsibility for themselves. Even 17 year olds.

  29. JEREMIAH says

    Rowan, I have clear memories of arriving at the house (walking down the boardwalks in the dark) and upon entering the house it was clear that this was not going to be a needlepoint and tea party.
    I could have turned and left.

    I guess I’m most curious as to whether Mr Egan was restrained or trapped and held against his will.

  30. Rowan says


    This is the thing, why did he keep on going back?? If it was a first time thing-I get it. I actually was once in a situation when someone spiked my drink…I remember it vividly feeling so out of control. ANYTHING could have happened to me.

    I also remember wanting to party more and looking for after parties. We found one but we didn’t like the look of the guy hosting-creepy eyes. We left.

    I could go on.

    But I also knew people who struck ‘gold’. And did get that break through..well you know what. If they hadn’t made it…? Who knows.

    But this guy reminds me of really obnoxious and opportunistic people you used to meet when you were all young and bushy tailed-you warned them but they would say you were jealous. You’d try and give them advice and they would tell on you.

    Whether it’s at college or it’s on the make in any industry from Hollywood to the Finance, these guys are all about anger and money. Making true under age victims who were literally pushed into these games-Brooke Sheilds, Lindsey Lohan etc-ignored.

  31. Lucas H says

    Rowan, just to correct you, the allegations span those years of Egans life, from his time with DEN, where he encountered Singer, culminating in the trips to Hawaii in 1999, by which time he had turned 17. The entire complaint, including the timeframe, is posted online.

  32. Kim says

    I don’t trust any middle aged man partying with teenagers (picture at Tmz).Singer may not be a rapist but he is a pervert.Straight men who have sex with teenage girls are perverts as well

  33. says

    Yes June, only “sodomites” are into minors.

    Straight guys like James Franco never solicited sex from a 17 year old girl, and Roman Polanski totally didn’t drug and rape a 13 year old girl. Ted Nugent in no way adopted a 17 year old girl because he wasn’t allowed to marry her. Woody Allen never started banging his girlfriend’s adopted daughter when she was 16.

    Nope, there are no heterosexuals in Hollywood that likes them young. They’re figments of our imagination, like idiots that waste their time trolling Towleroad.

  34. Merv says

    I don’t see anything wrong with liking them young. As long as they’re of legal age, and going into it with both eyes open, they it’s nobody else’s business. People who come back decades later trying to extort a big payout by publicly airing a private, consensual relationship are the lowest of the low.

  35. kookie says

    this guy reports the sexual abuse started at age 15 and lasted 2 yrs until he was 17. One of the others kids who was also being abused told his mother……she went to LAPD and the FBI and filed complaints which were buried….likely due to Hollywood power play.

  36. Randy says

    “ABC will re-edit commercials for its new drama Black Box to remove any mention of Singer, the show’s executive producer.”

    So, guilty until proven innocent.

    And, rewriting history.

    So ethical.

  37. AriesMatt says

    Watched the video and not buying it. He was raped several times on several different occasions? OK, he obviously put himself there. Could easily have left but put himself in environment again? This is a money grab and PR stunt.

  38. Bill says

    I’m doubtful as well if in fact Singer wasn’t named in a lawsuit filed in 2000. Victims are understandably hesitant to talk about what happened to them, but just stating publicly what had happened would seem to be the hard part. So, why wasn’t Singer named in 2000? Without a good explanation for that, and without hard evidence, I’m not going to believe it.

    A press conference is also out of character with someone who had trouble talking about it. You’d think such a person would want to avoid the press and merely show up in court or for dispositions when necessary.

  39. Bob Burns says

    No idea, but if this was catholic priests we’d all line up in condemnation of them right away. one of the great benefits of gay lib is that young gay men are much more likely to speak out about abuse.

    hopefully we can soon be secure enough to discuss problems in our community without fear of anti-gay stereotyping. many young gay men are used by older men with power and money. just because straight men do it too doesn’t make it OK.

    I hope this story is not true….. but plenty of similar stories are true.

  40. SpaceCadet says

    Don’t forget that the Duck Dynasty guy and darling of the right advocated marrying underage girls! See, heterosexuals can be perverts and sodomites too!

  41. Stephen in Laguna says

    @Bob Burns: the difference between the parties where this acts supposedly took place and priests molesting altar boys is many altar boys stayed because their parents wanted them in that position and the kids were afraid to tell their partents. Egan kept going back to these parties on his own volition.

  42. says

    Singer’s attorney sounds really menacing — practically threatening to follow through with the dire warnings that were given to Egan.

    I imagine Egan and his attorney are going public because they fear what such high powered players could do to him in anonymity.

  43. jjose712 says

    Rodney: No darling, they are going public because that’s the easy way to get what they want.
    Going public means that they can drag his reputation and damage his career and force him to an agreement very soon.
    It’s difficult to prove a real rape even reporting fast. One that happened 15 years ago is nearly impossible, and they know it.

    Anyway, the last news is that Bryan Singer was in Canada filming X men in the dates Egan said he was raped. If that is proved this is going to end really bad for Egan

  44. Shakedown says

    I am prepared to be very sympathetic to claims of sexual exploitation, even years after the fact, and I have no doubt that a lot of ‘trade’ goes on in Hollywood. However, based on the information in Egan’s complaint, and what is known so far, if I were a juror listening to Egan’s account and assessing his affect, I would have a very difficult time finding him credible.

    However, if it can be established that Singer engaged in an ongoing sexual relationship with Egan while he was underage, it would seem appropriate that a trust could be created that would be used to pay for psychological counseling to address the trauma created by such exploitation. And Singer should be on notice that any further claims against him of sexual exploitation of legal minors will be regarded in a much more severe light.

    I read in this thread several vague allusions to rumors about what is “known” about Singer. No details, no facts, nothing substantiated or corroborated. If the posters (MaryM) know of specific allegations, they should link to credible reports—NOT what some anonymous trolls posting on DataLounge wrote about what they heard from a prostitute whose ex once claimed to’ve seen one of the defendants in a gym locker room.

    Regarding the circa-1997 complaints/suits arising from “Apt Pupil” and the shower scenes involving unclothed minor extras, here

    is a very detailed account of what happened, which names names and gives firsthand information about what did/did not happen. It also pokes around into the background and motivations of the lawyer who brought the claims, how he recruited plaintiffs, grossly misrepresented evidence, and how shortly after the Apt Pupil lawsuits this attorney was suspended from practicing law in California for wrongdoing in a separate case.

    It just goes to show that it’s one thing to make allegations in a press conference like Egan’s attorney is doing; it’s quite another to prove them, even in a civil case, when the defendant is allowed to challenge the allegations, counter them with evidence, and raise questions of his own.

    At this point, NONE of the current allegations against Singer have resulted in criminal prosecutions. These are all civil suits seeking monetary damages. Repeat: Civil Suits seeking MONETARY DAMAGES. If Singer is guilty of anything close to what has been alleged, I hope that a way can be found to make him financially responsible for getting Egan the therapy and psychological counseling that he needs.

  45. No Choirboy says

    For anyone interested in reading about how the psychology of victims of sexual exploitation works, how they stay in the ‘relationship’ and continue to be exploited, how they don’t even necessarily immediately recognize the ‘relationship’ as wrong, and may fail for years to report it, here is another interesting account:

    It’s a really twisted dynamic. If Singer has abused Egan and other young men/minors like this, I have to think the truth will come out. Here’s hoping sooner rather than later to protect any future potential victims.

    Even in this day and age, I cannot imagine a parent allowing even a 16- or 17-year old to socialize with 20-something, 30- and 40- year old men the way it sounds that Egan and other young men were doing. Even if a 16-year old understands his sexuality and is WILLING, I don’t think I’ve ever met an adolescent (or even an awful lot of 20-somethings) who’s capable of understanding what they’re getting into. Too many times, they simply don’t have the capacity to understand how they’re being exploited by someone who doesn’t have their interests at heart, or how to protect themselves from raw exploitation.

  46. Tristram says

    I believe him. I have know people who can tell first hand accounts of singer’s depravity so I won’t be surprised if this opens the floodgates.

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