Buffalo, NY Catholic School Refuses To Put Gay Grad’s Wedding News in Alumni Magazine

Lynn zlotkowski

A Catholic high school in Buffalo, NY is under fire for refusing to put a gay graduate’s wedding announcement in an alumni magazine.

Lynn Zlotkowski [above left], a member of the Class of ’99 at the Sacred Heart Academy, was married over Memorial Day weekend last year and sent her wedding announcement and photo to the school for inclusion in its alumni magazine. The submission, however, was rejected.

The Buffalo News reports:

Zlotkowski received an email response to her wedding announcement request, and while friendly and cordial, it rejected the request for inclusion in the alumni publication.

“I’m very sorry that we can’t publish your pictures and your good news in the Cordecho,” Sister Edith Wyss wrote. “We had a similar request several years ago and we did publish that announcement of the marriage of an alum to her partner. We did expect some negative response and we got some.

“However some readers of the Cordecho also contacted the Diocese of Buffalo. The bishop sent a diocesan official to meet with us at SHA to make sure that we understood what we had done,” Wyss wrote. “In their view, we were publicly supporting same-sex marriage. In our view, we were supporting our alumnae.”

Richard maloneWhen asked for a response from Bishop Richard J. Malone [pictured] about this new situation, he issued the following statement:

“I am grateful that the leadership of Sacred Heart Academy has done the right thing and has not compromised its Catholic mission and values.”

Zlotkowski, however, feels that the school has turned its back on her and put principles above people.

“I treasure my time at Sacred Heart and feel sad that my school doesn’t feel empowered to support part of their population,” Zlotkowski said during a phone interview from her home in Dedham, Mass.

“I know I am not the only gay alumna Sacred Heart has,” Zlotkowski said. “You can’t just ignore a portion of the people you educated and helped grow into the person they’ve become.”




  1. northoftheborderguy says

    did she really expect that a catholic publication would publish her same sex marriage photo??? really??? *eyeroll*

    like I would expect my catholic highschool’s alumni newsletter to post my same sex marriage photo. not likely.

  2. CPT_Doom says

    I’m glad to know that all alums who marry after divorce (or marry someone after they’ve divorced) or who marry in a non-religious ceremony cannot have their wedding photos published either, and that alums who conceive using fertility treatments of any kind are not allowed to publish birth announcements. After all, those are all against Catholic teachings as well.

  3. Bill says

    My catholic high school publishes SSM announcements regularly. Sometimes it’s an alumnus getting married. Sometimes it’s an alumnus reporting on a son or daughter.

    The good bishop needs to understand that reporting facts are not endorsements and not allowing graduates to communicate honestly with other graduates is a losing game.

  4. Will says

    @cpt_doom don’t forget the brides and grooms who wear mixed fabrics or serve some sort of sea food at their receptions. It’s comforting to know they aren’t published either.

  5. Jack says

    There no news here. This is the Catholic Church. Hello…they haven’t changed. So why is this posted? Why is this a surprise? The Catholic Church is just doing what it does best…pontificate 15th Century dogma.

  6. Bob K says

    Why do the catholic bishops keep getting away with this?


  7. Spacedial says

    Now if we gays would punish these DISGUSTING religious people, religious gays (who should NEVER be trusted to begin with) wouldn’t be so sympathetic o gays and would be first in line to make a martyr out of their religious hero. F-CK RELIGION!

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