Buns And Shake Get Served In ‘In-N-Out Mission’ Parody Of Beyonce’s ‘Partition': VIDEOS


Los Angeles actor Adrian Anchondo has teamed up with former RuPaul Drag Racer Honey Mahogany, Dulce De Leche, Adrian Anchondo and Reggie White to make a fast-foodtastic video parody of Beyonce’s ‘Partition.’ It's called "In-N-Out Mission" and it serves up the fries with a whole lotta shake. Plus, if you haven't seen Beyonce's video, do it. It's awesome.

Anchondo also directed and starred in his donut-loving Beyonce parody entitled "Dunkin' Love" — that guy is making us  hungry.

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Beyonce’s “Partition” (work-unfriendly-ish)

Adrian Anchondo’s “In-N-Out Mission”