1. Paul R says

    Why would anyone do porn? Seriously, for $300 a scene? Makes zero sense to me, even taking into account a lust for attention, an empty bank account, and a single brain cell. For a day’s work you could make more money as a hooker, and it would have far fewer potential repercussions.

    I also don’t get guys who will do anything with guys except kiss. I’ve known a couple, and it’s beyond me given that the straightest guys I know will happily make out with me after a couple drinks (almost always at their suggestion), just as I’ll make out with a woman. It doesn’t go beyond that, and I don’t think any of us considers ourselves bi. Kissing is so fun, yet people can attach such a stigma to it. Oh well.

  2. KevinSF says

    Chi Chi LaRue in the adult video biz 28 years and making the SAME movie over and over again. He/she did more to drive down quality than the internet.

  3. Moz's says

    respect for his admiting the new reality = no one pays for porn anymore, it is all free on the internet

  4. Amell says

    The ones who don’t kiss usually are in a relationship, and that is their line in the sand within the relationship. The kiss equals the heart. “They can have your body, but your heart belongs to me.” People might see that as weird, even silly, but again to them kissing is saved for the significant other.

    The reason porn is going sideways on them, is the new format is the smartphone. That will be the only format for accessing the internet in the next few years. And it will mostly be accessed by app. If they could make their product accessible only by app, they might monetize it longer. But as teenagers get more savy about editing, and lighting, shooting their own scenes for xtube becomes more interesting for people to watch than long form story-driven dvds.

  5. Randy says

    Paul R, I don’t think there are nearly the repercussions to porn that there used to be. While some people regard it with scorn, I think about as many now regard it as any other entertainment. As for STDs, porn doesn’t want a scandal that could shut it down, so it’s likely (for most studios) to be a lot safer than prostitution.

    Amell, I hope you are very wrong about smartphones. I will never give up my PC and internet connection, unless phones start being developed which can serve the net to ourselves. I will never pay a cell company for internet. I also don’t buy apps, as they are mostly privacy-harvesting trash which could be better accomplished via mobile website.

  6. Qj201 says

    Hmmm “Porn company that signed people to exclusive contracts” then switched over to bareback without consulting the models…who were told, do it, or don’t work til your contract is up.

    Hi Mr. Lucas, how are ya?

  7. Will says

    @Randy – of course there are still significant repercussions to doing porn. Try getting a good, steady paying job in corporate America with porn jobs showing up on your Google background search. I know corporate American isn’t for everyone but it is probably the most common path for good, upper-middle class jobs.

    Maybe the social stigma isn’t as bad but doing porn when you are 20 may hurt you financially when you are 40.

  8. jarago says

    Chi Chi has done some good porn films- and at least in the old days they tried to get creative- that was a fascinating conversation I wish it had been longer.

  9. ptboat says

    I think the reason that so many take so little to do scenes is that porn is now just an add for their prostitution careers.