This is great considering her father is a well-known homophobic monster who has said the most disgusting things about gay folks.

  2. john patrick says

    I’m not surprised. I think she made a change from her father’s rigid upbringing years ago. Black and white religious beliefs really are not healthy or mature.

  3. Fr. Bill says

    It sounds like she married an Episcopal priest and came to the realization that you don’t have to chek your brains at the door when you go to church. Questioning can be a good thing.

  4. Derrick from Philly says

    Wow. She may have had the greatest (best selling) hit song of the 1970s.

    I got so tired of hearing that f.cking song…day and night.

  5. says

    I mean, who cares, really? Are we so desperate for approval that we’ve got to make a big deal out of every friggin’ celebrity who decides that we’re human after all?

  6. Matt says

    Stuffed Animal – Perhaps not in a lot of cases, but I do think it’s worth highlighting and celebrating when a celebrity either specifically overcomes a background of intolerance, or changes their position from one of intolerance to support and understanding.

  7. Paul B. says

    Matt…ditto! And, I’ll take support anywhere I can get it…esp. when it comes from conversions. One more on our side…is one less on theirs! Welcome home Debby Boone.

  8. Franklin says

    Stuffed Animal, apparently the people at GLAAD cared enough to invite her to their event. And Andy Towle cared enough to run this story. And others cared enough to respond to her thoughtful comments.

  9. alguien says

    it’s interesting because debbie boone, from a very conservative family, married one of rosemary clooney’s sons — and everyone knows that the clooneys are liberal democrats from the get go.

    home life must be rather interesting to say the least.

  10. says

    I’m glad that Ms. Boone has “seen the light” about LGBT folk (keeping in mind that there are degrees of acceptance, ranging full to just barely), but I still maintain that we make too much out of these kinds of statements from celebrities. There is entirely too much celebrity worship, especially in Gay media! And I still don’t care what Debby Boone thinks. Maybe I’d care a little bit if she could manage to humanize that Neanderthal daddy of hers!

  11. wwolffus says

    Thanks for the ear worm to that horrible song. It’s going to be a miserable afternoon at work. Ugh.

    But kudos to Ms. Boone.

  12. David From Canada says

    She’s such a nice, pleasant person – it’s written all over her. She is quite correct when she stated that it’s best to have compassion for people who are struggling to make the transition from homophobia to acceptance. Bravo!

  13. Richard says

    Good on Debbie. I see her horrible homophobic father at the gym in LA – Dorian Gray’s portrait come to life, only more disgusting.

  14. Hawthorne says

    STUFFED ANIMAL and others: We need to celebrate and express our thanks for any public person or celebrity who supports our community. It is through their speaking up and speaking out that all of us gain acceptance and welcome to society at large. Yes, I know it feels old and repetitive at times, but we need to express our thanks at every opportunity. To borrow a practice from our foes, but with a positive spin, if you repeat the truth long enough and often enough, people will grow to believe it. Until the haters die off, we need to work for/speak for acceptance continually, and honor our allies who speak up for us.

  15. jarago says

    Good for Debbie-( her father might be a homophobic monster but check out clips for his half naked performance in 1959 “Journey To the Center of The Earth” I’m sure he inspired plenty of gay fantasies ; )

  16. james st. james says

    That was good to hear. Public proof that you can be raised in bigotry and still come to the truth.

    An example of cultural evolution, that word “evolution” so hated by the ignorant, playing its role again.

  17. Gaiboi says

    I think this is a remarkable evolution. She once was blind, but now she could see. I’ll never toss away or criticize someone for once being in the wrong who now has seen the light. I have quite a number of good friends who went through similar evolution’s and are in a better place for it.

    It has nothing to do with being desperate for others to affirm us. However it has much more to do with us being supportive in their realizations than us.

    Unless you’ve ever been in an environment of racism, homophobia or any other type of bigotry, you may not know how difficult it is to change your frame of mind and educate yourself.

    I say congrats to those who can break free from their environment and realize there are a world filled with other people, who mostly don’t think or look like you!

    Being welcoming is definitely what the lgbt community is known for and I say we welcome her with open arms.

  18. JMC says

    That’s nice.

    Really, that’s all that needs to be said in reply to people like this. I hate the tendency some people have to endlessly praise people for deciding to finally give gay people the basic human respect they deserve.

  19. RonCharles says

    I second all the positive comments that are being made here about Debbie Boone, especially the excellent ones made by Hawthorne and GaiBoi. Like all public figures who speak out for gays’ having the decency and respect that they deserve, she should be praised, supported and applauded.

    Debbie Boone has influence with people who may not able to be reached in many other ways. Her fans who loved her song may now think twice about homophobic prejudices that they have, and that applies to those who were raised in the same background that she was, as well.

    There will likely be some older religious people who will think to themselves, “If a nice, Christian girl like Debbie Boone can be accepting of gays, maybe I need to think about doing that, too.” Celebrities can reach those who identify with them and those who like them. Religious people are more likely to be influenced by those who are themselves religious.

  20. GeoffreyPS says

    BTW, the song has a whole different meaning once you’ve seen a drag queen lip sync it while holding a 6 foot blow-up penis.

  21. Bernie says

    now I can sleep better at night knowing Debby Boone is a supporter of the gay community!

  22. Marty says

    I think her song is on the top-10 list for worst song of all time. Right behind “Feelings”.

  23. Bellah says

    Debby like her dad is a one hit wonder who stole a piece of music from a original. Pat stole from Fats Domino Debby from Kasey Cisyk

  24. jeff says

    This is exactly what Harvey Milk meant when he told gays that they must come out and be known. It is important for every person to meet and get to know us so that we are no longer monsters. Debbi Boones “conversion” is testament to Milk’s idea.

  25. tim key says

    I have always liked her music and now I can say that outloud. She had lots of other music besides ‘You light up my life”. One of her famous Christian songs was “Choose ife’. I did not choose to be gay but I can choose to be happy and productive in it. God doesn’t make mistakes.