Democratic Arizona Senator To Gay Colleague: ‘Act More Gay’

Senator Cajero BedfordNot all gay men are the obviously-gay Jack McFarland stereotypes, but this little-known fact came as a complete surprise to Arizona Democratic Senator Cajero Bedford when her colleague Senator Steve Gallardo came out of the closet.

She was so surprised by it that in a closed-door caucus meeting amongst the Democratic Senators she told him that he should, "act more gay," unaware that humans in general exhibit a wide variety of behavioral patterns.

She then proceeded to question Gallardo's integrity, even going so far as to call for a vote to oust Gallardo as the Senate's minority whip because him being in the closet was a matter of "honesty." The vote failed at 8-3.

Bedford, who is evidently utterly in the dark about gay rights in her own state, said that she questioned his honesty because,

"Why was he hiding it? It wouldn’t have made any difference."

Of course not. Because being gay doesn't have any detrimental impact on the lives of Arizona citizens.