1. Will says

    Not sure why it would hold him back. I mean, Gary got second last season (though it took executive meddling to get him back in, but he wasn’t voted out because he was gay). Producers pushed him as their chosen one and he had a lot of fan support. He was well liked int he house (for some reason, I fund him annoying but whatever). Showmanced are always a double-edged sword anyway, most ending up being a liability before long.

  2. Quicksilver says

    He’s on slop, sulking around the house and about to get nommed for eviction. He is a very sad boy right now. I don’t think it will matter much in a week’s time unless he wins or finds one of the available vetoes.

  3. Marcus says

    Canadian viewers were in charge of nominations this week and his alliance members were put on the block. He was afraid his dishonesty was going to get him in trouble with the public, too.

  4. Pablo says

    It sounds more like he is calculating how to create moments of visibility for himself on the show. How do you get screen time on reality shows? You create your own storylines. It’s pathetic.

  5. shanestud says

    But he has an attractive Colin Farrell sexy vibe about him and a really big package filling his briefs in that pic…so just give him the prize.

  6. Chuck Mielke says

    Let us observe that this young man had difficulty keeping this secret for a few weeks. It wasn’t too long ago in the USA when men HAD to keep this same secret for years, for decades; struggling to keep all of the little white lies in line; dying a bit each time a lie had to be created or affirmed to protect oneself or one’s “reputation.” That is the kind of suffering imposed by laws in Russia and Uganda, and that theocracy imposes in Iran, and other religiously fundamentalist areas.

  7. Richard Harney says

    In Big Brother, being gay does hold you back some because having a showmance in the house does help your game. If everyone knows you’re gay then it would be hard to have that kind of showmance.

  8. says

    @Phoenix Justice
    Just because YOU haven’t heard of her it does not mean she’s not known. Try a quick Google search when you run across a topic you can learn more about. There’s a whole world of music outside of mainstream pop.