1. JimmyD says

    He’s amazing in the show.
    How many Comment Trolls will instantly say how “over rated” he is or how he’s “outstayed his welcome” or any number of cunty comments?
    Go see ‘HEDWIG!’

  2. nn says

    As I have said I am tired of him. For me he is a attention-seeking guy who constantly needs everyone’s attention towards him. Why is it, because someone has different opinions than you, we will all be called trolls? FYI I used to really like. I was a big fan, but not anymore. For me he has become a guy who is only in love with himself and it is not attractive.

  3. PHW says

    Saw it at the Jane St Theatre with JC Mitchell and loved it but I can’t wait to see what NPH does with the role and how they adapted it for a larger space. One of the best scores ever.

  4. Salondra says

    All I kept thinking was how old John and Stephen looked, Stephen is unrecognizable, but then Hedwig and the Angry Inch, the movie, debuted 14 years ago. Hard to believe it was that long.

  5. Jerry says



    So do most other people. Why the hell do I need to be subjected to yours?

  6. UGH says

    Once again the bitter trolls have their nails out and scratching on anoher gay celebrity. Yesterday it was Robin Roberts, today NPH, tomorrow I’m sure they’ll b*tch about Anderson Cooper once again. Like clockwork, some guys here are just so miserable.

  7. Marc says

    Love love love this stage musical and film adaptation… and I would LOVE to see NPH’s spin on it! Now, I just need to book a flight from the West Coast. Love me some Hedwig!