Here Are All The Anti-Gay Haters Who Attended The Signing of Mississippi’s ‘License To Discriminate’ Bill

– Tony Perkins: the perennial hate-monger who heads the SPLC-designated hate group The Family Research Council and who has past ties to the KKK.

– Andy Gipson: a Mississippi state representative who believes gays spread AIDS and should be put to death.

– Delbert Hosemann: Mississippi’s secretary of state who supported a “personhood amendment” that would have categorized unborn fetuses as “a living person” and any women who abort or miscarry as murderers.

– Ron Matis: a political liaison with the Mississippi District United Pentecostal Church who signed onto a letter written by the anti-gay hate group The Family Research Council that lamented the “comprehensive agenda” of “the pro-homosexual activists.”

– Phillip Gandy: a Mississippi state senator who authored the anti-gay bill and called opposition to the bill (and to Chick Fil-A) intolerant.

– Mark Formby: a Mississippi state representative who also sponsored a ban against the enforcement of federal gun laws and to allow students to lead prayers in public schools.

– Jimmy Porter: the executive director of the lobbying arm of Mississippi’s Southern Baptist convention who threatened to retaliate against any Republican legislators who dared vote against the “license to discriminate” bill.

– Rob Chambers: an employee of the Christian Action Commission which told pastors “to urge worshippers at Sunday service to put pressure on their legislators to pass the anti-gay bill.”

– Phil Bryant: the Mississippi state governor who signed the bill into law.


  1. AndyinChicago says

    The diversity in that crowd is amazing. They have tall haters and short haters, haters not yet 50 and those who’ve reached beyond 60. It’s nice to know it’s not only a bunch of angry, rapidly aging white men that hate us.

  2. Gigi says

    Rep. Joey Hood looks like he’s got a “wide stance” if you know what I mean. I think Tony Perkins is grabbing the little cub’s ass.

  3. RayJacksonMs says

    Phil Bryant has a big ole interior decorating son that either got force to or ran off to live in Austin, Texas the week before this law was signed.

  4. Michael says

    Does anyone else find it strange they’re all wearing the same shade of gray in their suits?

  5. Bryan L says

    Even if you don’t think this kind of villainy and the people who are involved can have any influence on your life, it’s extremely important that we pay attention to these vicious, hateful, smug, blatantly and proudly discriminatory bigots who wrote, assisted, and encouraged the creation of this vicious, hateful, smug, blatantly and proudly discriminatory measure.

    This execrable piece of legislation may allow only that state’s residents to file suit against any law that they claim “directly or indirectly constrains, inhibits, curtails or denies the exercise of religion by any person,” BUT it can and probably will influence and embolden others who want to take similar steps against anyone whom they consider “the other.” It is so loosely written that it can affect more than just gay people who live in Mississippi. Ultimately, it is a Republican and religious battle against Federal protections.

  6. thom says

    ….Nope. Don’t see anything but white men. T-Baggers Heaven!….nary a person of color…and oh yeah, nor opposite gender…oh my. The old South lives again….The most disturbing thing is that their ages are way too young. One could expect a larger share of old crackers to be in this clan. Trolls.

  7. J says

    If you’re an “anti-gay hater,” then technically you hate things that are anti-gay. Headline should read: “Gay-haters.”

  8. jamal49 says

    Let’s see. All white. All christian. I guess the only good white evangelicals are dead white evangelicals.

  9. LOrion says

    HERE IS LONG TWEET I SENT RE what could be a hot, fun MS summer of ACTIVISM! Hope some do it.. Imagine the TShirts, Songs etc!

    TOWLEROAD Blog RE MISSISSIPI Anti ‪#‎LGBT‬ Bill Draft Team at Signing by Governor.
    Remember it means ANY ‪#‎MS‬ business can deny services to anyone ‘They Think’ is Gay.. Eg whites, Blacks, browns, Reds, Yellows… ANYONE! They want to discriminate against! JULY 1 is TIME FOR ACTION LETS ALL GO BE GAY IN MS! #SitIns, #Marches, #PrideRides GET IT GOING.
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  10. Mitch says

    With a stroke of the pen, Mississippi’s governor marries church, state, and bigotry thereby changing the definition of marriage and paving the way for polygamous marriages.

  11. CPT_Doom says

    @ Scudder – A Klan meeting? Well, Tony Perkins sure has “pal’d around” with white supremacists in his day.

  12. Rob says

    Quick!! Are their white hoods behind their backs in this photo? All of them, southern, out of shape, middle aged, white men……

  13. gayalltheway says

    I’m willing to bet at least 3 in that group frequent rest area mens room for anonymous blow jobs.

  14. Onnyjay says

    Oh come on: Delbert Hoseman?!?!?! You couldn’t make up a dorkier name if you tried. Clearly had a miserable childhood (must have gotten 3-4 wedgies a day in middle school) and is taking it out on whoever he can. Truly sad.

  15. Mark says

    Can somebody PLEASE tell me where the Gay “Agenda was written and By whom and where are all these militant gay activists??? Enquiring minds want to know

  16. Steve says

    Thank you guys for standing up for what the people want. We in Mississippi don’t want Gay people in our community. We DON’T LIKE YOU. DON’T WANT TO SEE YOU. AND REALLY DO NOT CARE WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY. You people are what is ruining America. If you do not like the way it was founded move to your own country. Better yet, if enough people become Gay your “community” will be dissolved as you cant reproduce…

  17. Socrates says

    Mark, According to, the gay agenda was developed by a group called the Illuminati. I’m sure you’re aware that nobody ever heard of the Illuminati until Dan Brown wrote about them in one of his books. So it stands to reason that the gay agenda was invented by Dan Brown as a way to create a movie series for Tom Hanks. And obviously, Hanks is in on the plot. Thus, it also stands to reason that the original gay agenda charter is hidden somewhere in a secret vault in – where else – Philadelphia. I’m sure you realize, Mark, that this makes every bit as much sense as Pastor Hagee’s theory that the world will end after four consecutive lunar eclipses.

  18. Nick Nicholas says

    Um, I would appreciate a correction on the photo credit. *I* identified all of the people in this photograph with the help of several others. It involved several days of work. The photograph accompanying this article was prepared by *me*. It currently is my Facebook background page. I suppose technically I could send you a DMCA takedown notice, but I *want* this photo to be redistributed widely as possible. I would just appreciate getting credit for my work. Thanks! :-)

    PS: Would you be interested in a photo Tipton had taken of himself with Tony Perkins and the Southern Baptist Convention lobbyist at the signing? Tipton was foolish enough to put it on his public Twitter feed, and I grabbed a copy.

  19. TonyJazz says

    Steve’s note is a wonderful depiction of the idiocy and bigotry of these older white males.

    It’s a shame that these fools are the public face of Mississippi, which is a state diverse enough to have some intelligence somewhere (else).