1. Zlick says

    I think I’m gonna walk out of THIS. I live in West Hollywood, and barely anyone acts this queeny on a regular basis. If all the flamers moved east to Hollywood proper, I would be very surprised.

    If all the faggishness is for comic effect, it’s just not having that effect on me.

  2. andrew says

    ughhhh whyyyyy – i think im going to make a series online that isnt obvious and stereotypical….

  3. David says

    I don’t think they operate in the same circles because this was actually amusing.

  4. Jerry says

    I didn’t know there was more than one Willam Belli, my eldest niece’s fairy godmother.

  5. says

    Oh yay another web series about white gays doing whatever it is white gays do when they aren’t being problematic.

  6. verbocity eric says

    very good editing. need to pay more attention to the sound. between the bad recording and laissez-faire delivery, i cannot understand half the dialogue.

    i find this same problem with other west coast made web series. the new york based series (submissions only, the outs, whatever this is and even in between men) pay more attention to sound quality.

  7. D.R.H. says

    I’ve finally accepted my being vastly different from this …whatever the hell that was… and I’m glad.

    Why have gays become so sadly one dimensional that this tripe is routinely paraded as amusing and representative of the lgbt community?

    Actually, correct that, I find this to be very representative of American gays, in general. The bleached out hair, the flipped cuffs, the ridiculous, over-the-top, campy demeanor. Y’all need to get out more, as in, out of America.

  8. THIS IS WHY says

    This is why people think all gays are supposed to be the same. This is the only view presented and it’s horrible! Well, at least a heavily presented view of “White Gay Males” There is no “Normalcy” everything is so exaggerated and just annoying.

  9. Derrick from Philly says

    Oh, please. Americans who still think that ALL Gay people are the same are idiots no matter what they see on television. They may never grow intellectually, and they may never like or respect Gay…I mean, LGBT people.

    Intelligent Americans now see the diversity within the Gay world, and they’re just as enlightened as anybody in fvking Massachusetts…or Atlantic City.

    Who’re you trying win over? The Southern Baptist Convention? Good luck that, honey.

  10. Joe says

    As someone who is an aspiring writer, I try to support creative endeavors, even if they don’t hit it. But this was painful. These stereotypical gays need to realize that the rest of the world isn’t as amused with them as they are with themselves.

    Then I discovered that the guy who made this is Joseph Baken, the guy who falsely claimed a gay-bashing after hurting himself while doing a backflip. I can’t believe Towleroad is supporting this fraud by posting his video. (

  11. alguien says

    maybe the cast could learn to enunciate so i could understand at least a word or two they’re saying-on the other hand, maybe i don’t want to hear.

  12. Marc says

    Thanks, Joe, for pointing out that this is the very same Joseph Baken who faked a gay bashing and reported it to the cops. Now I have another reason not to watch this tired drivel.

  13. erick70115 says

    Some people still think that “Miss Thing” stereotypes just have to show up and that’s funny. I don’t. It’s a lazy approach to humor. Combine this with the creator’s fake claim of being gay bashed and this becomes repulsive.

  14. says

    No, Miss LogCabin Republican — Al Gore sat on the committee that authorized the internet for public use. Learn to understand the difference between what the Nobel Laureate actually said and what your idiot friends are babbling because they read it on the Drudge Report.