1. Paul B. says

    Madelynn…you’re priceless. Never give up the fight…but the truth is you’ve already won. And in the process you’ve become a hero and I love you!!

  2. Perry says

    That’s a woman? Looks and sounds like a guy to me. This has to be some kind of fake out.

  3. Paul B. says

    Perry…stop nursing on your mother’s tit and get out into the world already…you’re 30 years old. Then again, maybe you’re just an idiot…bingo!

  4. Perry says

    It comes naturally to point out the fact that “she” completely looks, sounds, and dresses like a guy.

  5. qj201 says


    wouldn’t be Towleroad without hateful trolls.

    I swear the bile in the comments, almost always related to gender (drag, butch, trans, etc.) are BULLYING tolerated by our webmaster as it generates web hits.

    If I wanna read a comment calling someone an ugly d*ke I’ll go back to visiting Perez Hilton’s sites.

  6. northalabama says

    what, exactly, could be any legitimate reason to deny spouses adjoining graves? the navy better have a legitimate answer, i suspect i won’t be the last to ask.

    much love to madelynn, and support for her fight, she must win.

  7. JackFknTwist says

    That about says it all; “they’ve discriminated against me in 70 years of life, they might as well discriminate against me in death”.

    And that’s why we’re mad as hell Andrew Sullivan, not bullies, just mad as hell.

    What a country !
    A country that has bred Scott Lively and other maggots……and purports to be Christian and parades its faux evangelicalism.

    As for Perry above, what a tool.

  8. mcgill says

    “I’ve been discriminated against for 70 years, and they might as well discriminate against me in death as well as life.”

    Straight to heart, that statement.

  9. Paul B. says

    Perry…it may come naturally to you from your perch under a rock…but to the majority of us it’s a non-issue and does not come naturally at all. “Naturally” you would observe it…because “naturally” you’re a fool.

  10. Dave W says

    As a fellow vet it breaks my heart to see my sister in arms disrespected like this. My father was Navy as well. He also is 74.

    There has to be something that can be done.

  11. TKinSC says

    @NorthAL – Spousal spots in veterans’ cemeteries are reserved for veterans’ spouses. Since these two women are (obviously) not each other’s spouse, only the actual vet can be buried there.

  12. Rin says


    Very sad. I am so jaded by the modern world and its casual, replaceable relationships and when you see something enduring like this…well, just very sad indeed.

  13. Liam says

    TKINSC: What part of the fact that they were legally married in 2008 did you not understand? The veteran’s Administration is under federal control not state control so they follow federal rules. Rules that state that legal marriages by gay people are recognized everywhere in federal facilities which this cemetery is. I predict that this decision gets reversed very soon.

  14. David says

    Whew. Close call. I was worried there. My life was about to be ruined. Thanks for not allowing this, my head would have exploded.

    Just fyi for those who freak out easily

    /end sarcasm