Irish Aquarium Reports Pair of Gay Penguins


Ireland's Dingle Oceanworld says that a pair of gay penguins have reportedly revealed themselves by setting up a nest together, the Irish Examiner reports:

The Irish duo are one of five couples which have paired off for the breeding season at the polar exhibition which mimics the icy conditions at the South Pole in the Kerry Aquarium.

The head penguin keeper, Kate Hall, said same-sex couples are not unheard of in the penguin world, although it is usually two males who pair off.

"It’s definitely not an unusual occurrence although this time it’s two females."

She said Missy and Penelope have been displaying all the signs of a courting couple in their enclosure, which is home to a dozen of the black and white creatures.

"The thing penguins do to show they like each other is they bow to each other and they are doing that.

Here on Towleroad we've followed many gay penguin pairs over the years, including Suki and Chupchikoni at Israel's Ramat Gan Zoological Center, Buddy and Pedro at the Toronto Zoo, Harry and Pepper at the SF zoo, Z and Vielpunkt at the Bremerhaven Zoo in Germany, two great parents at a Chinese zoo, and of course NY's Silo and Roy, who were immortalized in the controversial children's book, And Tango Makes Three.


  1. Homo Genius says

    @gregorybrown well they are lesbians so its really hard to tell one way or the other since there is little difference after the so called transitioning

  2. JackFknTwist says

    This would be unusual anywhere else.
    But Dingle is the most unusual place on earth.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if the demanded equality legislation for the whole animal kingdom.
    I will discuss this in the Snug at D*** Mack’s over a pint of the Black Stuff.

  3. Jason says

    The report omits to mention that these two penguins are in fact biological sisters, the keeper was interviewed on radio this morning and admitted that this couple were more incestuous than lesbian.

  4. Montas says

    @Jason in the animal kingdom siblings in love. You’re a FOOL for even attempting to make that point (they can’t be gay lovers, they are related)….how old are you?

  5. ratbastard says

    They’ll be cohabitating in a 3rd floor walk up apartment in Jamaica Plain and weekending in Northhampton before you know it.

    If you’re interested, google Jamaica Plain and Northhampton.

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