1. Rowan says

    How much money have you given? How old are you?? Now that you are over?????

    Oh, lgbt people have such low self esteem they put up with any odious mean woman.

    Hey guys, I have a gay uncle and aunt!! Just told you know even though I’ve been around for 30 years!!

  2. Rowan says

    And where is Lupita? Who took a MASSIVE risk at the start of her career when you know she was advised against it by so many BUT she still went and said how she stood together “in solidarity with lgbt people”.


  3. keating says

    I’m glad J-Lo showed up.
    Maybe she can donate a little of those millions she makes singing for gay-hating dictators to GLAAD.

  4. JMC says

    Considering Jennifer is responsible for one of the best representations of gay people on television, it makes complete sense she would receive a GLAAD award.

    I’m baffled at Rowan being upset that GLAAD is giving someone who has actually made concrete contributions to positive LGBT media representation an award over someone who said some nice things about gay people in an interview lol don’t you think GLAAD has done that enough times already?

  5. MaryM says

    GLAAD loves to give straight people awards.

    GLAAD has no credibility.

    It honoured that pig Bill Clinton – the man who gave us DOMA and DADT and has never apologised for either.