KFC Kicks Lesbian Couple Out of UK Restaurant for ‘Heavy Petting’

A KFC spokesman has apologized after staff members at a restaurant in Bath, England kicked out a lesbian couple for what was described as “heavy petting” between the two women.

The Independent reports:

KFCThe couple have complained to police about their treatment in the restaurant, saying they had been verbally abused during the incident on Thursday afternoon.

Stephen Pope, the father of one of the women, said on Twitter that “a couple complained about them being gay so the manager threw them out”.

And in a tweet to the company, he said: “Dear @kfc the manager at your Bath, UK, store just kicked my daughter and her g/f out for being #gay. Is this one of your policies?”

A KFC spokesman said they were “very sorry for any offence caused”.

But he added: “While we acknowledge that staff may have been over-zealous in asking the couple to leave, we do not believe that the decision had anything to do with their sexuality.