L.A. Issues Health Advisory on Meningitis Following Deaths of Three Gay Men

MeningitisBY LISA KEEN / Keen News Service

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health issued an advisory Wednesday urging that men who have sex with men, particularly those with HIV, be vaccinated against invasive meningococcal disease (IMD). IMD is a rare bacterial infection of the blood, spinal cord, and/or brain lining that can be fatal. The department has identified 24 cases in the past 17 months, 7 of those among gay and bisexual men. Eight cases reported this year alone included four gay and bisexual men, three of whom had HIV infection. Three of the four have died. The county and the Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Center are offering free vaccination.


  1. Caine says

    I guess the pharmaceutical company needs more cash because we all know how this went down in SF and NYC. Thousands of gay men PAYING for a vaccine they didn’t need.

  2. Tarc says

    The go to CDC.com for more information. And you should already HAVE HAD the meningitis vaccine if you have HIV or are a healthcare worker. It does a great job at reducing harm and fatality in the healthy and inmmunocompromised. And there is actual science here, bub.

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