Macklemore Gets Signature Air Jordan Sneaker

Macklemore Jordans

Macklemore, rapper and ally, artist of the pro-gay platinum single "Same Love", teamed up with Nike's Jordan line to design and release his own signature sneaker. Macklemore posted pictures of the shoe on his Instagram account and it's…certainly eye-catching. And a shoe; it's definitely a shoe.

Macklemore Signature Jordan


  1. Char says

    Except Macklemore has a song specifically about the dangers of kids focusing on material possessions that involves a kid getting murdered for his shoes. And not just any shoes, but Jordans.

  2. frankie says

    I’m glad Macklemore found success but I’m not going to be singing his praises so soon. Macklemore ‘Same Love’ is few years too late. The issue of same-sex marriage/love was already on a tidal wave which Macklemore rode on. Also Macklemore is white, his fan-base are mainly yuppies and hipsters….basically preaching to the choir. When a male country star or black rapper sing about ‘same love’, then we’ll can talk.

  3. David From Canada says

    Another celebrity with their own line of clothing – in this case, a celebrity shoe – so he can make even more money for himself. Yawn……this has happened how many times before?! I thought Macklemore had more integrity than this. No thanks. (I’ll be waiting for them in the bargain basement bin a few years from now.)

  4. bford says

    I don’t think it’s available to the public. I think it’s a one-off that they made just for him. That’s a little less sketchy.

  5. MichaelJ says

    While it is not clear if and when these ridiculous shoes will be made available to the public, it is just another celebrity shoe and another public figure whose desire to become a celebrity and make more money will overshadow whatever accomplishments made the person a public figure in the first place. Pathetic.