1. Chris L. says

    Yes, and the way to not cross the gay mafia is to (a) treat LGBTs with respect, (b) don’t discriminate against us in any way and (c) don’t try to pass or support laws which enshrine discrimination against us into law. Sorry some people are finding this so difficult to do.

  2. mike/ says

    names! i want names! who are the consigliere, Caporegime, soldati, and most important il Capo di tutti Capi of il Mafia Omosessuale?

    it’s good to know this. you never know when you might need l’aiuto di ‘tuo zio’! well, at least that’s how it worked in mia familgia…

    oh, yeah. btw, they kinda/sorta looked at the ‘groups’ who were behind the ‘ouster’ of Eich. not one of the major lgbtq organizations were involved. in fact, seems like most of the dissent was by the straight, younger community members of Mozilla who found his actions ‘immoral’ – imagine that…

  3. Dar says

    There is an astounding absence of the obvious each time I hear “but Obama was against gay marriage back then too…” Simply put, many people have “evolved” on the issue. Having once not supported gay marriage is a far cry from financially campaigning and funding efforts to destroy it.

  4. Jesse says

    While there is no doubt that Maher is a supporter of gay rights, it’s also quite clear that he thinks of gays as mostly a punch line. And usually the lines are about how flamboyant gays are -swishy, dramatic etc. it gets tiresome. In his heart I think gay-ally Alec Baldwin “likes” gays a bazillion times more than Maher.

  5. Caliban says

    Uh huh. Instead of concrete “shoes” and throwing you in the river to sleep with the fishes the gay mafia puts you in you in high heels and makes you sleep with the swishes. 😉

  6. Hansel Currywurst says

    Whenever anyone from Forbes mentions anything (anti-)Gay all I see is Malcolm Forbes in his leather daddy costume parading around with his Chelsea motorcycle gang. Just sayin’.

  7. E. Manhattan says

    We see what he’s talking about with past attacks on Elton John, Johnny Weir, Alec Baldwin and the like – people who have done their best to be gay-supportive, but who’s best has been deemed insufficient, and worthy of bashing. So they get attacked violently, while people who are actually working hard to force gay people out of public life and back into the closet, or prison, or death, are often left in relative peace to get on with their true hatefulness.

    It seems that some people are just compelled to attack members of their own group or their own supporters who are even a little different from them, or who don’t agree completely with them. They think those disagreements are traitorous and blasphemous, worse crimes to them than the actions of their actual enemies.

    This has held us back in the past, and will continue to do so. The only silver lining is that Republicans and christian gay-bashers do the same things within their own groups, too.

    I’m looking forward to reading the reactions of the gay gay-bashers to this post, too . . .

  8. Bill says

    Maher has never really been an ally. He’s always just been decent enough to us that we don’t attack him back when he slams us.

    That’s who Bill Maher is.

  9. pete n sfo says

    When it comes down to it, straight people don’t ‘get’ that we’ve been dealing with double-standards our entire lives and we’re quite simply ‘over it’! Fortunately we are in a time when most people are beginning to understand what we’ve been dealing with.

    It’s not a gay-mafia (I wish!). It’s a collective, “enough already.”

  10. northalabama says

    bill’s a comedian, for pete’s sake – lighten up! he has no ill will towards gays, just making a commentary, for a laugh, on what bigots probably are thinking.

    let’s hope bigots aren’t forced into the closet, or become nearly as good as gays while in there, or we’ll never identify them to out them and protect ourselves.

  11. anon says

    Why Eich and no one else? It’s one thing to take a political position, but is the agenda under the control of the right people or was this orchestrated by Mozilla’s rivals?

  12. JackFknTwist says


    “It seems that some people are just compelled to attack members of their own group or their own supporters who are even a little different from them, or who don’t agree completely with them.”

    Do you think people like Ken Melman are to be given a free pass ?

  13. woodroad34 says

    “Gay Mafia”? Seriously? Where’s the mention of the Right Wing Mafia of Nom and Conservative Religionistas and lawmakers who want to criminalize gay lives (or put them on islands with barbed wire)? I think Gay Freedom fighters is a better term than to associate us with a criminal, morally corrupt and sociopathic entity–that’s the Republican’s purview.

  14. daws says

    Obama evolved on gay marriage AND the other option was what? Sarah Palin as VP?! Come on.

    Eich didn’t apologize or say that his views had changed since his Prop 8 donation. That’s the big difference. If he would have been apologetic, maybe made a show of good faith by donating to a gay rights organization or SOMETHING, then maybe he wouldn’t have had to resign. Surely that would have sated some.

    But Eich wasn’t apologetic and it was obvious that his stance on gay rights hadn’t changed. He was just hoping it would die down. NOPE! Peace out homie. Actions have consequences. Welcome to reality.

  15. JackFknTwist says

    No, we are not the Mafia; but we are speakimng up for ourselves when we were too terrified to be noticed; we could not speak up at school or even reveal ourselves; we were criminalised and subject to 14 years in prison for whet we did, up to 1994, in my case.
    We were mortified despised,sneered at all our lives.
    Now we are vocal, activist, radical.
    Call it mafia, call it self respect.
    We are not “intrinsically defective”.
    We are the love that dare speak its name, loudly.
    We fight back.

  16. johnosahon says

    I don’t understand why people are trying to say Obama and Eich’s position were the same. So I will give an example below using religion.

    Obama’s: “i don’t believe in religion, but people have the right to believe whatever they want”

    Eich’s:”I don’t believe in religion, so let us BAN all religion making it illegal to practice your faith”

    Understood NOW???

  17. Rory says

    Imagine Bill Maher ever saying something like, “I think there is a Jew mafia. I think if you cross them, you get whacked.”

    Would NEVER happen.

  18. dommyluc says

    Eich wasn’t fired or drummed out by the board. He resigned because he couldn’t take the criticism of his political positions. He was another corporate exec who lived in that rarified existence where other peoples’ opinions don’t matter, just his and his fellow rich and privileged friends. He is no martyr. If he had donated to anti-Semitic politicians or racist or misogynist politicians he would have faced the same outrage. At least this time he faced the justified heat for his bigotry, which is a refreshing change of pace, since gays are usually the last of the minorities that are still allowed to be shat upon. Eich and his defenders can suck my balls (H/T: Eric Cartman).

  19. says

    Obama might not have been for same sex marriage in 2008, but it’s a total lie to compare his nuanced position at the time with the ilk of John McCain, Mitt Romney, or Brendan Eich. Fact is, Obama supported full repeal of DOMA, not just Section 3 that some other candidates wanted. And Obama publicly OPPOSED Prop 8. He maintained then that (a) the Federal government should let states decide, and (b) states should not explicitly write discrimination into their state constitutions.

  20. raul says

    Marcus I don’t think (and I am no fan of Maher)he was taking a swing at gays, but I in my middle age,I am completely over people making fun or making tired puns about our sex lives, of other factotums of our lives as comedy canon fodder.

    We wouldn’t put up with it if you were talking about race or ethnicity or at least it would be met with groans.

    What Maher said is fairly benign but in a broader context it’s a big fat BORE>

  21. Smuggy says

    Someone’s been watching Will and Grace too much! This dude’s schtick is to shick us. He did it.

    The right is only pissed beacuse our actions worked where, theirs did not.

    The mozilla dude is still employed, probably at the same salary and benefits. He was jsut smacked down for being on the wrong side of history. Mozilla has done exactly what the Catholic Church has done for centuries… they moved a naughty priest to a new post.

    So… “WE” didn’t win a war… just a monor skirmish. Good on “US” though!

  22. edude says

    I watched that a couple of times and, in a way, it’s almost as if Maher said what he did about “the gay mafia” to highlight the idiocy of the preceding comment about Obama being “against gay marriage” at the time Eich made his Prop 8 contribution as an attempt to justify and minimize Eich’s actions. At the end of his comment, Maher says “Yeah? Right, yeah” in a tone that makes me think he’s actually ridiculing the whole “gay mafia” thing.

    I often find Maher’s certainty that he alone is right pretty much insufferable, and I haven’t watched him too much, but I do recall instances where he has been clear about the prejudice, invalidity and irrationality of many of the anti-gay views out there, as is highlighted in his ridiculing of the concept of “the gay agenda.”

    Maher interview with Jimmy Kimmel (Maher speaking): “What was the other one (i.e. excuse for not allowing gay marriage)? The gay agenda. You know, I once lived in West Hollywood. I know what the gay agenda is. 8 o’clock Starbucks, 9 o’clock tanning salon, 10 o’clock the gym, *that’s* the gay agenda.”

    If we’re to believe he’s serious with his comment about “the gay mafia,” then his views appear to have “evolved” (= devolved) considerably. To me he’s more supportive than many, but obviously he is a comedian and skewers all sorts of things and folks in the process, and he has to earn his keep.

  23. NY2.0 says

    Anyone who truly believes Obama at some point never supported same-sex marriage is being naive. He supported way back in his Chicago days then he decided to run for president. He’s a politician but certainly not in the same vain as Eich and those Republicans.

  24. says

    Again, you can’t call someone a liar because she failed to mention the circumstances and conditions around his being against gay marriage.

    We know what was in his heart, via the questionnaire he answered in 1996. We know that he did not support Prop 8 and that he did support ENDA.

    But, on record, in 2008, he was against gay marriage. This is fact.

  25. will says

    Oh my gosh. My own mother was against gay marriage in 1990. Please help me tar and feather her! There’s nowhere you can hide, Mother. You must PAY for your past.

  26. Executive Search says

    @Will: If and when your muthuh is in a position to be named CEO of an otherwise progressive tech company like Mozilla, I imagine her positions on such issues past and present will be examined.

    Eich isn’t paying for his past. He’s being held accountable for his present.

  27. Hank says

    This is an irresponsible , hate-mongering thing to say. It’s like talking about a vague ” Jewish conspiracy,” and should be no more acceptable.

    People who actively oppose gay marriage are like people who actively opposed interracial marriage, or desegregation, a few decades ago. They are holding on to ugly prejudices that put them on the wrong side of history, and they shouldn’t be surprised when any company decides they are unsuitable for visible leadership roles, if that’s not the public face it wants to present.

  28. Christian says

    It’s hard to disagree with bill after reading all the comments on here. Some people are just too sensitive. By the way I watched overtime online last night and that topic lasted like 20 seconds.

  29. Hank says

    This is an irresponsible , hate-mongering thing to say. It’s like talking about a vague ” Jewish conspiracy,” and should be no more acceptable.

    People who actively oppose gay marriage are like people who actively opposed interracial marriage, or desegregation, a few decades ago. They are holding on to ugly prejudices that put them on the wrong side of history, and they shouldn’t be surprised when any company decides they are unsuitable for visible leadership roles, if that’s not the public face it wants to present.

  30. Icebloo says

    As usual people are missing the point. He was not fired for his anti-gay views. Mozilla defended him on those. He was fired because it became known he had given money to Ron Paul (who has links to the KKK that he admits) and he also gave money to another well known racist and extreme right wing politician. THIS is the reason they pushed him out. They don’t give a f%ck about gays – they just knew the racist links would become a big issue.

    Mozilla is NOT a friend of the gay community.

  31. Icebloo says

    …and once again we are highlighting the bad behavior of Mozilla but completely ignoring the far worse behavior of FACEBOOK and GOOGLE.

    I guess the gays just don’t want to have to boycott FACEBOOK so they sweep this under the carpet.

    Don’t just follow along like sheep – EDUCATE YOURSELVES !

  32. Burt says

    Whether Mr Eich was unfairly targeted by the LGBT community or not will continue to be a matter for debate. I don’t recall him specifically and publicly regretting his decision to support Prop 8, either before or after his appointment to Mozilla. It seems to me that his donation was high-profile enough that someone remembered.

    Some times one has to bleed from the ears a little in order to show that they’ve changed.

    It’s very easy for one to say that he supports diversity, but past actions to the contrary, such as contributing to Prop 8, really require new actions to show that the change has been sincere.
    After his appointment to chair Mozilla he talked the talk, but wasn’t really walking the walk.

    Some would argue that this is good reason for campaign contributions to be kept secret; I’d argue just the opposite. We need to know who is trying to influence our vote.

  33. says

    The gay mafia comment was very Bill, didn’t bother me at all. Though we weren’t really the ones who brought about Eich’s resignation (his stunning incompetence in dealing with it and Mozilla did that), it’s not a bad thing to be seen as having some power.

    The “good point,” however, while trivial, was stupid. It wasn’t a good point; it was a pointless comparison made only to squeeze in the requisite Republican swipe at Obama even when the conversation has zilch to do with him.

  34. Bosie says

    this whole Mozilla, ALec Baldwin all these BS is out of control The LGBTQ has better things to worry than calling out people! seioursly..>WE WANT TO BE FREE TO BE BUT WE CAN’T ALLOW OTHERS TO THEIR OWN OPINIONS??? I understand if our moneyis going to an org thats Anti-Gay…but come on gays…we can do better and show the same respect for freedom we want torwads others. ===R E S P E C T.

  35. wheelie81 says

    Maher is absolutely right about the “gay mafia”. When someone dares to express their personal views that are viewed as anti-gay, every gay advocacy group in the world immediately grabs their torches and pitchforks but claim that it is only their rights that are being violated. Everyone should be allowed to have and express their beliefs in a civilized manner as the Constitution allows without fear of being attacked for them. And then we can disagree in an equally civilized manner.

  36. Dan Cobb says

    What is with Bill Maher… he seems to be going a loony in his senescence.

    I virtually agreed with Maher on everything…but once Maher started defending Donald Rumsfeld, one of the biggest, if not THE biggest war criminal of the 21st Century, I really did a double-take! C’mon Maher! Rumsfeld was down with the torture and the mayhem in Iraq. Don’t you remember Rumsfeld’s “warning to the international press” when he ordered US tanks to fire on the Palestine Hotel where international journalists were holed up? The tanks “accidentally” sent shells into the hotel after Rumsfeld got upset because photographs of dead US soldiers (during the first several days of the invasion of Iraq) were released to world-wide press organizations, and then published!
    On that same day, US missiles landed at the Al Jazeera and Al Arabya news agencies in Baghdad, killing Tarek Ayoub, a cameraman for Al Arabya and father of a 3 year old girl.

  37. Zell says

    Silly Bill Maher! Doesn’t he realize that gay people as a group can do NOTHING wrong, that nothing is out of bounds to them, that any lengths we go to in order to humiliate or punish someone who isn’t as fond of gay people as we want them to be are completely justified?

    In other news, I’ve heard rumors that the manager of the Burlington Coat Factory down the street from me once told a coworker that he didn’t think gay people should be married. Who’s with me to start a grassroots campaign to have him fired and deported?

  38. Armando says

    He was not expressing his beliefs privately. He gave money to people so they could tell lies about us or don’t you remember the Prop 8 commercials? And depending on when he gave the money he saw the commercials, he knew what they were doing with the money. That is very public.

  39. Paul R says

    I don’t like Maher, but rarely because I disagree with his jokes or views. His smug attitude just makes it hard for me to watch him.

    He used the word mafia to get attention–that’s his job. If you replace mafia with “lobby,” then of course there’s a gay mafia, just as there are for Jews, African-Americans, the disabled, the elderly, and most other groups demanding that their freedoms be recognized and concerns addressed.

    People can be against gay rights all they want on a personal level, but that doesn’t mean they can deny them in the public sphere. No more than lawmakers in the 1960s were entitled to keep blacks from (among other things) getting married to whoever they wanted. If people want to fear a gay mafia, it’s fine by me. No thinking person really believes that one exists in the true sense of the word mafia.

  40. Liam says

    Bill Maher is getting more and more insufferable. I used to agree with a lot of what he said but now it seems he is just phoning a lot of his shows in. He seems unprepared, cant defend his positions and is unable to drill down even one level below the main talking point.
    I think he is a poser. He does have genuine liberal viewpoints but as he gets older he is definitely getting more reactionary. Anything in pop culture that requires a millisecond of reflection to understand gets knee jerk contempt from him. Young people are all spoiled and uneducated to him. Its sad.

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