1. iban4yesu says

    Harry is all good of course but any straight man who had to suffer under the control freakishness of that insufferable G(onorrhea P)OOP for a decade will be turned gay! LOL

    Free at last, free at last, thank God the Almighty,free at last!

    Congrats,Chris! And welcome to the tribe!;-)

  2. iban4yesu says

    “He’s been married to Gwyneth Paltrow for like a decade! And he’s JUST NOW figuring out he’s gay?”

    LOL, that is exactly what I was saying above!
    That entitled adulterous shrew has turned him gay!;-p

  3. Paul R says

    Of course it’s a joke, or at least his idea of something funny. It’s hardly like he made a heartfelt confession that only when he saw Harry Styles did he realize what would truly make him happy.

    Instead he just said something to get people talking, and he did it as inoffensively as possible. But read his comments sentence by sentence. All at once, he’s parodying every criticism leveled at boy bands (by gushing the opposite), mocking their “hardcore” fans (most of whom are lovesick preteen girls who have never heard much music before and couldn’t care less about the band’s music anyway), and highlighting that boy bands are pretty inherently gay (or, if you want a bitter take on it, that any guy who likes boy bands is gay…though I’m not going to defend people with poor taste, gay or not).

    Thing is, it’s not especially clever. Everyone knows those things.

  4. dazzer says

    He’s British and Harry Styles is British. They can joke about these things with no insult being offered or received.

    He’s joking and there’s nothing sarcastic about it. You’re allowed to be straight and have a man-crush in the UK – there’s nothing odd about it. Our history and culture is different to the US’s.

    It’s one of the reasons why people like David Beckham and Ben Cohen have no problem acknowledging their gay fans. And it’s not just the ‘metrosexual’ sportsmen, either. Back in the early noughties, Dennis Wise, a thuggishly gorgeous soccer player for the decidedly violent and working class team of Millwall in south east London was voted the second or third sexiest sportsmen in Britain by a gay magazine. Everyone expected him to go nuts, but he responded in a genuinely surprised and humble fashion that he felt genuinely honored that anyone found him attractive.

    Chris Martin is bantering (sadly, because I’d do him in a second)- it’s good-natured, it’s friendly and it’s not insulting or indicative of Chris Martin or Harry Styles’s sexuality or approach to gayness in any way.

    If anything, I like Chris Martin even more like now. And am thinking of buying a wig.

  5. Dave says

    Coldplay is(was)a talentless ripoff of Radiohead. Gwyneth is a bland, boring actress who never should have won an Oscar.

    Bjork was robbed!

    I’m still bitter…

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