1. Houndentenor says

    So is he saying he’s for civil unions now because all three of the Democrats he claims held the same view in 2008 that he holds now favored legal protections for gay couples, just not marriage?

  2. Zeta says

    Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Joe Biden all seem like pretty smart people to me. Perhaps the company that prints the Bible informed the three of them that it’s a work of fiction.
    Oh, and by the way, a few weeks ago I was staying overnight at the Howard Johnson Inn in Mystic Ct and the copy of the Bible in my room was inscribed by the author!

  3. Alex Parrish says

    Only one who is a moron or an idiot (or learning disabled) is incapable of learning or changing one’s mind. It’s even biblical: ‘When I was a child I spoke as a child…”

  4. Homo Genius says

    does he still have his show on FOX????

    people should also be reminded that the last time he ran, he was shaking down churches for “speaking fees” to show up and spread the Word.

    The line between his campaign and private life is extremely blurry.

    IMO he will not run. But he will do all the things people do when they do run. Just never do the paperwork. Keeps him in the news and makes him seem relevant. wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t have book to promote

  5. Armando says

    Can we question his Christian convictions too? How does he reconcile about what Jesus says about rich people (not going to heaven), welcoming visitors, taking care of the sick and needy with the current Republican platform? Maybe HIS Christian beliefs are based on a bible he rewrote.

  6. Rod says

    As a traditionalist Catholic, I find it grossly offensive when women were ostentatious jewelry in, on and about their bosomal regions. It is particularly offensive when said jewelry is a shiny golden cross, which catches the bright television lights thereby calling attention to the aforementioned regions which shall not be named again, expect to say that every good catholic knows that the only appropriate adornment for the intra-cleavage gorge would be something made of dark, hardwood.

  7. Chrislam says

    Someone needs to remind the convenient “Christian” that gluttony is a sin. And the passage about casting stones is a reminder that one should spend more time working on their sins instead of spending their time judging others. So that’s two sins committed. Sorry Huckabee but for the one finger you point at homosexuals, four point back at you.

  8. says

    not only is gluttony a sin, and not only does Ezekiel 16 make it rather clear that “Sodomites” are, Biblically speaking, those who hoard wealth and privisions and do not give and extend grace to the poor and destitute (ie, the GOP, and all against universal healthcare)..

    i’m curious – do the Huckabee boys own guns, legally? We hear, a lot, about “mental health” being the cause of those gun massacres, and not the guns themselves. Well, one of the Huckabee boys rather infamously was kicked out of the scouting program for torturing and killing a stray dog. That’s some Dahmer-level sociopathy there. Were he to be screened, would he still be allowed to own a gun?

    sick family.

  9. Mark says

    So why does Huckabee not talk about slavery, banning Red Lobster restaurants, stoning, clothes of different fibres? Government changed those Biblical laws….

  10. says

    THIS, folks, is the biggest difference between Canada and the USA. We don’t have a television network dedicated to 24 hours of constant bigoted programming.

    the blood on the hands of all who work at this network could paint NYC red, over and over and over again.

  11. walter says

    screw huckster the man is nothing but a lying sack of waste. he got the state police to look the other way when his”christian’ son was caught torturing a dog . what does that say about christian family values

  12. says

    Here is the part that Mr Huckleberrybee does not get, people that think about things are prone to change their mind.

    Mr Huckleberrybee may think no good Christian thinks about things, but many people are not like him.

  13. Bernie says

    Mr. Huckabee’s meaness is beyond the pale….it is my sincere belief that President Obama struggled with the marriage equality issue and was expressing himself in 2008 where he stood on this and gradually changed his mind….open minded people can and do change their mind on issues……unlike those of your ilk that remain stuck in the 1950’s

  14. woodroad34 says

    What do huckster and Huckabee have in common? All you have to do is change the first letter to an “S” and that sums up his personality ( and I’m pretty sure he’s bad at that as well).

  15. JonnyNYNY2FLFL says

    Please run for President, Gov.Huckabee!

    He’s actually doing rather well in GOP polling so far. None of the perspective candidates have anywhere near a majority & the frontrunners all hover around the low teens in percentage of support. The weakness of the current field also opens the door to the crazy train of candidates who’ll jump in just to get free publicity for a book or cableTV deal.

    Thus, all of these ego-driven ideologues think they have a shot at the nomination. A bloody primary battle would result in toxic charges against each other, a depletion of campaign funds, and hard feelings toward the eventual winner.

    I look forward to a Republican clown show in 2016 that leaves the Party in shambles. Hucksterbee is already a world-class buffoon… just watch his show on FOX sometime.

  16. simon says

    Johnny, it is odd that if he wants to run, he should go after Clinton instead of Obama. It is possible he is stating his own position in contrast to other more moderate Republicans. The big business is mainly pro-gay. It would be interesting to see it to become a wedge issue between the business and the religious branches of the party. May be the Arizona debacle was a prelude to the coming battles in the GOP primaries.

  17. Bill says

    @ny2.0 : Huckabee is playing it safe by going after Obama, who can’t run again due to term limits. A Republican candidate in California who was overly confident during the primaries made some critical comments about his likely opponent, Gray Davis, and Davis used that as an excuse to fire off a barrage against that candidate, conveniently resulting in the Republicans choosing an unelectable right-winger instead – just the candidate Davis hoped would win the primary (in order to substantially increase the chances of Davis winning).

    BTW, haven’t seen the Huckabee video – when you try to run it, you get a message about some unspecified user having closed that youtube account.

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