1. SpaceCadet says

    Seriously. CNN is my default news source and my default TV channel to have on as background noise if I’m doing something else and I’ve been astonished on how they can go 24/7 either repeating the same few facts known on the situation or speculating ad nauseum. So yeah, I’ve had to change the channel in annoyance. It’s all about ratings though. CNN always lags way behind in the ratings after FOX News and MSNBC unless there is a major story going on.

  2. Jason B says

    This is why the other two political action networks sit around bloviating for their respective parties. There just isn’t generally enough news to justify 24/7 coverage. The only Network that seems to have a variety of real news is BBC as they cover actual events throughout the world.

    I try watching MSNBC but their crazy is off the charts. They must have looked at Fox and said we can beat them at that game. We will go so far to the left we will only represent those folks a full three deviations from center and we will throw in even more name calling. We can scream even louder than them. Neither a Fox or Msnbc are news networks and CNN looks like they lost their minds around this plane crash. Good thing for NPR.

  3. matziabb says

    I don’t know. I kind of like their extensive coverage of this story. I mean, don’t you wanna find out what happened? 239 people can’t just go vanished without a trace.

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