1. MaryM says

    James Franco needs to come out as gay if he intends to keep stealing roles from openly gay actors.

    Why is Gus Van Sant colluding in allowing Hollywood to only hire straight actors or closet cases to play gay roles?

  2. GregV says

    I’ve liked James Franco in everything I’ve seen him in. But I’m a little concerned about the subject matter here.
    The typical scenario of the “ex-gay” is that he makes money off vulnerable young gay men by proclaiming how the program has made him “not gay” (often by using creatively twisted definitions of what “gay” means) and then 15 years later he apologizes for having lied to himself and everyone else and caused so much damage.
    Who knows when Michael Glatze will ever apologize and own up to what really went on with him. It could happen 8 years after the movie gets seen and if it was a relatively-flattering (and doesn’t delve into what was going on underneath the surface), by then the damage is done.
    Having said that, I have no idea how the story will be told. Considering it’s based on a true person, though, I’m concerned they’ll be too afraid of lawsuits to tell any unsavory details.

  3. Dan Cobb says

    Bryan, I couldn’t have said it better myself.

    An unstable drama queen with an unquenchable need for attention: why does anyone pay any attention to these lost souls? In his next life Glatze will be a Hindi priestess in some homo-transcendental cult.
    These gay/not gay, religious/not religious/new religious people are tedious and simply unstable. They are no oracles of understanding!

  4. Jameson says

    Wow. you guys. wow.

    Here I thought the comments couldnt get anymore ridiculous, you all need to calm down and stop being such vicious little…explatives. It’s not worth it.

  5. gregv says

    @Jameson: Some of these comments are just the same old troll using some of his/her recently-invented screen names.
    In the comments section we could well be arguing with someone like the ant-gay Maggie Gallagher posing as 5 different transphobic, racist, gay men and gay women to try to achieve that goal of stirring up inter-minority anger.

  6. Dixichuk says

    Because, Marym..the good actors in H’wood are in the closet and the rest suck so bad they couldn’t fill the seats in a Starbucks much less a theatre.

  7. Paul R says

    I just don’t find the tale worth telling. But as someone else said, it will come down to how it’s told. It’s just hard to imagine that it will be especially eye-opening or interesting.

  8. MaryM says

    Gay directors like Gus Van Sant are colluding with Hollywood homophobia by continuing to hire straight actors for gay roles.

    There ARE openly gay actors – and these actors should at least be getting 1st pick of the gay roles.

  9. says

    From Benoit’s article on Glatze: “But even as he rejected anti-gay theology, Michael’s political views began shifting rightward: he spoke glowingly about Ann Coulter, and in a Time cover article in 2005 about gay teenagers he said: “I don’t think the gay movement understands the extent to which the next generation just wants to be normal kids. The people who are getting that are the Christian right.””

    It’s pretty obvious that Glatze suffered from stroke-induced brain damage.

  10. Randy says

    If Franco is “closeted”, he’s the least closeted gay man in history, and even I don’t care.

    I think he’s just a new millennium man as a person, and a border-pusher as an artist.

    I don’t care who he sleeps with, if he can represent us well on screen and from behind the camera, and he clearly can.

  11. jjose712 says

    I can understand why Franco want to play this guy, but for the life of me i don’t understand what’s Gus Van Sant interest in this project, wich frankly doesn’t seem other purpose but glorified a confused man who caused a lot of pain to a lot of teen gays, and give him a platform to cause more damage

  12. mike says

    Interesting that big names (yes, Franko is a big name) are involved with this type of film making which will be viewed by an extremely small audience and more than likely lose a considerable amount of money.
    What’s the point?
    Furthermore, is Hollywood really so desperate for material?

  13. Chuck says

    The only people who might be interested in seeing this are “ex-gays” and their supporters. Why would Van Sant attach his name on such a project is beyond me.

  14. smith says

    Robert DeNiro needs to come out as a gangster if he intends to keep stealing roles from real gangsters.

    Actors like DeNiro and Pacino and filmmakers like Scorsese are colluding with Hollywood gangsterphobia by continuing to hire non-gangsters to play gangster roles. Scorsese grew up on the “mean streets” himself so his involvement in this is particularly egregious.

  15. EchtKultig says

    “Furthermore, is Hollywood really so desperate for material?”

    Apparently, yes.

    Agree that it’s hard to see what purpose this film will serve.

    “colluding with Hollywood gangsterphobia by continuing to hire non-gangsters to play gangster roles”
    LOL, but not really comparable. OTOH, I’m not going to lose any sleep over a straight actor playing gay, because I don’t think straight people should object to a gay person playing straight. Haven’t ALL of Matthew Bomer’s roles been straight ones?

  16. MaryM says

    We are constantly told (by agents; directors; actors) that coming out will harm an actor’s career and that straight audience’s won’t buy a gay actor playing a straight role. Alternatively we get these middle-aged has-beens whining about their anonymity as the reason for their cowardice in coming out.

    Yet here we have a gay director with the means and the influence to make a change and he hires a straight actor (or closet case) for a role which a gay actor could do.

    Franco needs to make a pledge to stop taking gay roles and directors need to stop giving gay roles to straight actors.

    As for the idiot that Robert DeNiro needs to be a real gangster in order to play gangster roles. That is a not an appropriate analogy. A straight actor playing a gay role is the same a white actor playing a black role.

  17. smith says

    “As for the idiot that Robert DeNiro needs to be a real gangster in order to play gangster roles. That is a not an appropriate analogy. A straight actor playing a gay role is the same a white actor playing a black role.”

    I was exaggerating for comic effect, but my comment was still less silly than this.

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