Mr. LA Leather Starts Petition To Remove Weinstein From AHF

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In response to Michael Weinstein's glib remarks referring to Truvada as "a party drug", yesterday Mr. LA Leather Eric Paul Leue created a petition to have Weinstein removed from his position as president and CEO of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation. Leue issued a press release for the petition:

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen of the Press,

Today I, as a community representative, have launched a petition for the removal of Michael Weinstein as President and CEO of the AHF. This is not just about the LGBTQ community, it concerns us all. This petition is not about how Weinstein or we personally feel about HIV PrEP. This petition is about whether we, the people, should be allowed access to accurate information, free of stigma and discrimination.

Mr. Weinstein's comments and actions are unbefitting the head of the world's largest AIDS service organization, and we are calling for his removal. HIV prevention is not "a party." #removeWeinstein

Eric Paul Leue
Mr LA Leather 2014

AHF President Michael Weinstein Spurs Outrage with Remarks on Truvada: 'It's a Party Drug' [tlrd]


  1. Tigernan says

    Yeah, sorry – that was a realllllllly dumb thing to say, and if you had any decency you’d step down.

  2. freak says

    People have been trying to get the word out about AHF for a long time – but no one will listen. It is an organization of anti-porn zealots (it pays former adult stars who contracted HIV off set to lobby against the industry in California and elsewhere) and also has heavy involvement by anti-gay bigots in the guise of AIDS prevention. It is sponsored by condom manufacturers and has opposed every preventative drug against HIV infection. Shame on gay groups and publications that continue to support its lies.

  3. anon says

    Can anyone explain the benefit of PrEP over condom use? Does PrEP prevent the transmission of all the same STDs that condoms prevent? Since you still need to use a condom to prevent the transmission of STDs, what is the additional benefit of adding PrEP to condom use?

  4. Qj201 says

    Weinstein and the AHF are the self appointed go to people for all things HIV/AIDS in CA.

    AHF single handedly went after AIM Healthcare that provided healthcare services to adult performers and finally shut them down…not because AHF was right, but because AIM didn’t have the $$ to continue fighting.

    As for Truvada as a party drug. There is some truth in that… but Weinstein has no tact. Never did.

  5. David says

    The guy is right there are guys out there who are doing exactly that. Popping truvada because they think it will make them invincible. The studies on its effectiveness are nowhere near complete and it doesnt protect your from anything else. Also lets remember that HIV is a very smart virus and it could find a way around truvada over time.

  6. Jay says

    Yeah lets throw Mr. Weinstein out for voicing a valid point. I wonder what if anything at all “Mr Leather” has done to fight HIV.

  7. Jay says

    Yeah lets throw Mr. Weinstein out for voicing a valid point. I wonder what if anything at all “Mr Leather” has done to fight HIV.

  8. Sean Maloney says

    Once again, Big Pharma uses us as guinea pigs to pad their pockets and wallets. #wrapitup

  9. Critifur says

    @Freak – I will listen. I go to an AHF office here, not because I am HIV positive, but because I am more comfortable going to a doctor that is gay men’s health friendly. Originally the physician I was going to sold his practice to AHF, and I continued on with them. That said, I am interested in finding out more info. Please direct me to any articles I can read.

  10. Cassandra says

    “Truvada has kept me alive for ten years. ”

    Truvada gave me stage 3 kidney disease. I have Osteoarthritis, but cannot take aspirin or ibuprofen or any NSAID, because of the kidney disease.

    Truvada has real risks.

  11. HT says

    If someone cannot remember/ cannot be bothered to use a condom when they have sex, how are they supposed to remember/bother to take a pill every single day?
    “The major trial that confirmed Truvada as an effective H.I.V. preventive among men who have sex with men, also found that many participants did not take the pill every day, leaving them more vulnerable to infection.”

    I think I’m with Dan Savage on this one when he said Truvada is for “self-identified idiots who can only be saved by a vaccine.”

  12. kipp says

    I’m too much of a misanthrope not to think people do and will misuse Truvada PrEP as exactly the “party drug” Weinstein says it is. But having PrEP as an adjunct to condoms is a really good thing for more promiscuous gay men (is there non-pejorative alt for promiscuous?). Weinstein should at least clarify his position.

  13. anon says

    @Hansel Currywurst… you misunderstood my question. Does using PrEP WITH A CONDOM keep you safer than using a condom alone? Or, are people using PrEP in order to have bareback sex thinking that PrEP will keep them safe? And, other than HIV. does PrEP keep anyone safe from any of the other diseases that condoms protect you from? NO, it doesn’t. So, you still need to use a condom. PrEP does not eliminate the need for condom use.

  14. DB says

    There already is overwhelming evidence that this PrEP drug has encouraged at least some people to have sex with multiple partners. If someone uses Truvada and still consistently uses condoms, then I see it as a useful tool. Otherwise, it is a dangerous driver of infection and death. Michael Weinstein is 100% right.

  15. Jay says

    @CASSANDRA have you heard of Spirulina? it is an algae that helps cleanse the system (liver, kidneys).

  16. Scott says

    Michael Weinstein’s remark was not glib it was right on point. Truvada as PrEP is part of the party cocktail . Mr. LA Leather Eric Paul Leue you can have whatever platform you have signed up during your reign . But AHF is in the business of preventing new infections and caring for those after 2014 when you hand back your sash .

  17. Tom in Lazybrook says

    I’m concerned that those most vociferously opposed to Weinstein might just simply be barebacking advocates. If this is yet another attempt by those that present barebacking as something valid while attempting to change the leadership of our public HEALTH advocacy groups, then I would find that really troubling.

    Perhaps the petition originator can make his position clear with regards to barebacking and how the community should respond to what appears to be an epidemic of poor choices in our community.

    PrEP with condoms always. Okay.
    PrEP without condoms. Just substitute one problem for another.

    Truvada, per se, isn’t the problem. Bareback advocacy is.

    But if Truvada’s advocate class seems to be the same as the barebacking advocacy class, then the drug will be perceived as a drug for barebackers. And that is going to carry a lot more stigma than TruvadaWhore.

    The perception is that people go on Truvada for one reason…to have bareback sex. Truvada has other uses, but so long as that’s how some in our community are using the drug, then that’s how many of us will view many of its users.

    To be clear, Truvada is appropriate and valuable in many cases, but it carries side effects and does nothing to stop other pathogens from running amok in our community.

    Weinstein shouldn’t have said TruvadaWhore. He should have said BarebackingFools.

    Regardless of the issues with AHF’s leadership, any change should end up with someone willing to call out unsafe choices, such as barebacking, at the top.

  18. Hansel Currywurst says

    @ANON – Almost all of the other diseases that condoms contain are either curable or won’t kill you if left untreated. I can only think of Hepatitis C as an exception, although maybe some exotic/tropicals like Ebola can be spread thru the gut). And Hep-C plus HIV will kill you faster than either alone.

    Condoms break. If you go skydiving and your parachute fails, your chances improve immensely if you have a backup chute. Same deal here.

    Would you rather have recurrent herpes and treated chlamydia or recurrent herpes, treated chlamydia, and HIV?

  19. andy says

    I don’t agree with Weinstein that PrEP is a party drug. People actually take party drugs. Sorry, not signing. I’m glad he goes after the ruthless drug companies that want every single person poz and neg on their poison.