1. MaryM says

    2 out of the 4 main stars are openly gay.

    Too bad it’s not 4 out of 4.

    Roland Emmerich needs to commit to not casting any more straight actors for ‘Stonewall’

  2. Mike says

    I remember back in 80/81 being a medical student and for some reason it was thought removing the spleen would prolong a victim’s life if they were rapidly declining. That didn’t last long.

    Wonder what the true Streisand story is. She’s owned the rights forever, did she want to direct it for the big screen? I’ve read her owning it has been contentious for some.

  3. David says

    @MARYM: Exactly because gay people should only play gay roles and straight people should only play straight roles. Oh, wait, no…

  4. Jerramy says

    I’m not holding out much hope for this. Remember Running With Scissors? Ryan Murphy destroyed that great book when he brought it to the screen.

  5. Christian says

    @ David.. It does seem that there is a disproportionate amount of straight people playing gay roles. I wish there was more of a balance.

  6. daws says

    Bomer is ridiculously handsome. And there’s something about Ruffalo, I think it’s his chill vibe and voice that immediately make my pants come off. Can’t wait to see this.

  7. Austin Powers says

    “But despite the support of high-profile directors and actors — at various times Barbra Streisand, John Schlesinger, Kenneth Branagh and Ralph Fiennes have been attached or interested — for nearly three decades the film adaptation remained in limbo. In part, it fell victim to Hollywood’s timidity about telling gay stories in general and AIDS dramas in particular…”

    Which makes no sense. Philadelphia (Tom Hanks) had a production budget of $26M and a gross of almost $207M

  8. GregV says

    @Christian: In a Hollywood with unprejudiced casting directors, perhaps 90% of gay roles would be played by straight actors and 10% of straight leads would be played by gay actors.
    Even 15 years ago, the thinking seemed to be that to make it in Hollywood you had to be either straight or closeted and, either way, you had to play straight roles.
    We needed straight actors/ actresses like Ton Hanks and Laura Dern to risk their careers by playing gay roles and for gay actors/actresses like Matt Bomer and Jane Lynch to prove themselves by playing straight roles far more, in my opinion, than anything else to achieve the progress we have now. We are far less pigeonholed than we ever were now that we have so many gay actors playing straight or gay roles interchangeably and straight actors unafraid to take on gay roles.

  9. says

    I’m literally counting the days til the premiere. It’s one of my favourite works of all time, and I’m very interested to see how Kramer has opened it up for the screen – turning monologues into actual on-camera situations. Get your crying towels ready, folks. LOVE YOU LARRY KRAMER!

  10. jamal49 says

    The gold standard for transferring a good stage play to the screen has to be Angels in America. I saw both the stage version and was skeptical that it could be done any better on-screen but I was fortunately wrong. The screen version was (and is still) astounding. I saw The Normal Heart when it was first staged in 1985 at The Public Theater. It was a good play (Brad Davis was remarkable) but a bit histrionic. I look forward to seeing it on HBO because of HBO’s track record with such productions and because of the actors. They are all excellent and The Normal Heart is a play that requires very good acting. Otherwise, it falls apart.

  11. says

    You have 4 seriously hot men and they photoshop 5-heads (instead of foreheads) onto the cover’s photo. WTH?

  12. JT says

    @styler. All of the characters in the play are based on actual people who were/are white. I will be interested to see what kind of diversity there is with the new characters who were created for this HBO film.

  13. says

    “Styler” the troll will be happy to know that a new role in the film was created and written especially for openly-gay actor BD Wong, by Larry Kramer himself.

    so there :)

  14. dixichuk says

    @ the gay actor supremecists. The more quality gay actors, the better. But given our biologically limited numbers, I’d much rather positive gay roles exceed the stock of gay actors good enough to attract an audience, than not.

  15. emjayay says

    The recent redo of Normal Heart in NYC was critically acclaimed and successful and I’m sure that brought the possibility of a film up. And yes Matt Bomer is absurdly good looking to the point of distracting from any character other than some romantic ideal. Maybe he should have gotten Superman. Anyway, it’s too bad that like the Liberace film it’s on pay TV not theaters.

  16. sarah says

    I will have to download as we do not have hbo in ireland. Might take 3 years to be aired here. A big tbbt and jim parsons fan but also love watching aids stories as so emotional to watch. I was born the year aids was discovered and so have an interest in knowing what it was like those early years. Aids has taken many straight and gay people too early so excited to see it on screen , as heard play was amazing. As for gays playing gays and straight playing straight these comments are mute as in tbbt, how I meet your mother and modern family have gays playing amazing straight parts and a straight man playing a funny gay man. These men play their respected parts amazingly and have won awards for that part. Love those shows and do not care of their sexuality as all amazing men and all bloody funny to watch.