NOM Co-Founder: Boycott Mozilla Over Employee Intolerance to Prop-8-Supporting CEO Brendan Eich


Anti-gay activist Robert George, the Chairman of the 'United States Commission on International Religious Freedom' and the co-founder of the 'National Organization for Marriage' (NOM) is calling for a boycott of Mozilla in reaction to several employees calling on CEO Brendan Eich to step down for his donation to Proposition 8.

GeorgeWrote George in a post on Facebook:

The employees of Mozilla evidently think that people like me, and perhaps you, are not morally fit to be employees of their company. They are attempting to force out their CEO because he made a financial contribution in support of the ballot initiative to uphold marriage in California as the union of husband and wife. The CEO isn't out yet, but he has already caved to the pressure, apologizing for "causing pain" by supporting marriage. (See the story linked to below.) That won't be enough. His "sin" is unforgivable under the new morality. He'll soon be gone.

So I have just deleted Mozilla Firefox from my computer. If I'm not morally fit to be their employee, I'm not morally fit to use their products. If you are a faithful Catholic, Evangelical, Eastern Orthodox Christian, Mormon, Orthodox Jew, Muslim, or member of any other tradition that believes that marriage is fundamentally the institution that unites a man and woman as husband and wife to be father and mother to any children born of their union, providing those children with the inestimable blessing of being brought up in the committed bond of the man and woman whose union brought them into being, or even if you believe in marriage thus understood quite apart from membership in any community of faith, I would ask you to do the same. Why contribute to the prosperity of those who would exclude you? Cancel Firefox or any other Mozilla product. Sure, its competitors are probably "just as bad," but we have an opportunity here to send a message to all of them.

I have no problems with employers having morals clauses in people's contracts. But if someone believes in adultery, and a Christian or Jewish or Muslim school or other institution won't employ them because they commit adultery, I wouldn't expect them to contribute to the collection plate or pay a subscription at the church, synagogue, or mosque. So why should we buy and use Mozilla products?

If you agree with me, I would also ask you to copy this message and forward it to friends who share our pro-marriage views. Let everyone in your church or house of worship know what Mozilla thinks of us—and what we think of them.

Yesterday, the dating service OK Cupid blocked users of Mozilla's Firefox browser in protest of Eich's anti-gay views. As David Badash points out, now both gay and anti-gay activists are demanding a boycott of Firefox.

Eich's donation was revealed by a pair of gay married developers who announced they were planning to boycott Mozilla's platform in protest.


  1. Jaysonn says

    this will just help our case. By boycotting them as many of us are doing, the company will see they can not let people like this run their company and still say they are for equality.

  2. Vint says

    George seems not to understand the difference between hiring a bigot as an employee, and hiring a bigot as your company’s Chief Executive Officer.

    Two different things.

  3. Jon says

    If you believe OK Cupid was o.k. in doing what it did, then we ought to have no problem with Robert George here, either. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

  4. JJ says

    False equivalency, @Jon. You’re trying equate someone who actively works to strip others of the rights he enjoys with people who stand up for fairness and equality. George has every right to call for a boycott, but don’t mistake his actions as morally equivalent to OKCupid’s simply because they’re exercising the same right.

  5. D E Sandberg says

    Mr. George, people like you are not morally fit.

    Not morally fit for any job, including CEO. You seek to harm others for your benefit, you are a terrorist.

  6. Lymis says

    Please. This is the same NOM that wants any legislator who votes for equal rights or any judge who rules in favor of equality under the law booted from office as soon as the next election.

    The same NOM that calls for boycotts of any company that supports their gay and lesbian employees.

    That wanted Ellen removed as a spokesmodel for Penny’s because she’s a lesbian, how dare she be seen by decent people selling home furnishings!

    Like he wouldn’t be the first to scream if a CEO had donated 1000 to help pass a citizen’s initiative denying Christians anything.

  7. oncemorewithfeeling says

    Thanks for joining our boycott, you lunatics!

    Now that Mozilla has also lost the bigots, how long will it be before they do the right thing?

    I love the fact that we’ve made the corporate world an unsafe place for anyone who wants to devote any part of their lives to destroying their fellow Americans.

  8. Gregory In Seattle says

    Wasn’t NOM saying, just moments earlier, that calls to boycott Mozilla were a repression of free speech, anti-capitalist and proof that Satan was alive and well?

  9. Killian says

    In these situations all I ever think about are those gay and lesbian couples who had to live through unnecessary personal, financial and familial setbacks because people like Eich decided to throw money towards a cause which solely discriminated and marginalize them. Absolutely socially unacceptable. Fine, you don’t like gay marriage, that’s your freedom of choice, but to throw money towards dismantling the right for gay couples to secularly marry is type gross. It becomes a personal attack then.

  10. Rowan says

    JJ, as if Jon cares or understands! You are assuming he has a moral compass-anyone with one would not even utter what he just did. Imagine if this was said about blacks???

  11. Joe in Ct says

    This proves once again that this man is a delusional idiot. He is only helping the cause (gay rights) that he claims to despise. I think he’s truly bonko.

  12. Hmm says

    One correction: to gays in the tech sector this was already known long before these two developers put out their statement. It was not revealed by them. It only is getting wider exposure since his selection as CEO. I personally got rid of Mozilla products about 3 years ago because of it.

  13. WeHo says

    What if the CEO fired the employees demanding he resign?

    Can you imagine the firestorm?

    It would be a curious thing to watch the fired employee explain the following:

    1. That I shouldn’t have been fired for expressing my honestly-held political belief.

    2. But my boss should have been fired for his own honestly-held political belief. Because, because — No H8, Serious You Guys!!!

    I really would like this vicious tribal hypocrisy put into sharp relief by a stunt firing like this.

  14. Bill says

    @WEHO: your analogy doesn’t quite work: an equivalent situation would be Eich demanding that the employee resign (which of course is the employee’s own decision, just as whether Eich resigns or not is his decision).

    Actually, I think OKCupid’s behavior is the one that is really bad – Robert George simply expressed an opinion that people can ignore, whereas OKCupid harassed users who are third parties to the dispute. George probably doesn’t
    like boycotts in general (economic conservatives
    usually don’t) and is probably suggesting a boycott as an implicit reductio ad absurdum argument.

    If OkCupid had put a note on their home page, seen by everyone, suggesting that people not use Firefox and expressing support for marriage equality, that would be OK, but giving Firefox users a separate web page and having them find a link to click is not.

  15. JJ says

    @WEHO, the only reason you see hypocrisy is because you rather surprisingly consistently equate things that aren’t equal:
    1) Property isn’t speech, so giving money to increase someone’s political power isn’t simply expessing one’s beliefs.
    2) Asking someone to resign is not the same as firing someone.
    3) Being in a position to at most ask someone to resign is much different than being in a position to fire someone.
    4) Working to strip people of rights you yourself enjoy is not the moral equivalent of standing up for fairness and equality. The fact that both sides are exercising the same political rights doesn’t mean their positions are simply two alternatives deserving of equal respect. The desire to end harm isn’t simply different than the desire to harm. It’s better.

    The hypocrisy you imagine is just a figment of faulty moral reasoning.

  16. Bill says

    @JJ – while “Property isn’t speech”, California labor law explicitly forbids employers from punishing employees for their off-work political activities. You may not like the law in this particular case, but it also prevents a Mormon-run business from firing or disciplining an employee for political contributions to the “No on H8″ campaign.

    Going after Eich is a big mistake – it provides an argument that helps NOM keep its donor lists private. It would be very useful to see those lists and analyze them, not to go after people who gave donations supporting Proposition Eight, but to get a handle on the level of religious involvement. The Mormon church paid a small penalty for violating California campaign laws and that data could suggest a much more flagrant violation. Depending on what we learn, it might turn out that more legislation is needed to prevent tax-free money from being used to support political activities on one side of an issue but not the other. In my opinion, it is far more important to get that data than to feel righteous or whatever by going after individuals.

    With all the “data mining” software out there, it should be pretty easy to go through a donor list, categorize the donors by religion. and then look for clustering among those who went to particular churches (some would presumably be more effective than others at extracting donations).

    If you can show statistically that the Mormons or Catholic hierarchy abused the system by acting as Prop 8 fund raisers, that would provide a very convincing argument for more legislations to reduce and hopefully eliminate such abuses. What we might have now is a system that is rigged in favor of religious zealots. If so, we need to change that ASAP.

  17. Carla says

    To the guy/thing that wrote “90 year old Christians,” we have 1,200 teenagers on TUESDAY NIGHTS during the school year at our church. NONE support the sin of homosexuality. And, based on the medical profession, homosexuals are dying off MUCH faster than the general population.

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