1. Little Twatti says

    He has not been rehabilitated and is lying about not using a computer. He has maintained (through proxies) an active (and quite vile) Twitter account.

  2. What the? says

    Bernie Madoff gets 150 years for stealing money and this guy get 17 years for a gruesome murder?! Just goes to show you that in the USA money is more important than life;
    hence the guns laws and lack of healthcare.

  3. michael says

    I am friends with a lot of the NYC club kids and its disgusting how they’re like “party time!”, this guy poured draino down a guy’s mouth and then chopped him into pieces.

  4. Michael W. says

    Are you being serious, MARYM? This isn’t about being bloodthirsty for revenge, it’s about wanting justice for someone whose life was taken away. The justice system in this country is a massive joke. 17 years for murder, reduced to manslaughter? It was murder, plain and simple. There is no way this guy has paid his debt to society. He doesn’t deserve to live with society.

  5. jamal49 says

    I can’t believe that Michael Alig is being released from prison for what was an extremely brutal crime that should have given him a life sentence without parole!

    Try telling the family and friends of Andre Melendez that Alig has been “rehabilitated”. I seriously doubt Alig has been rehabilitated at all. Alig has never–I mean, never–expressed any sincere remorse for what he did.

    Who in the hell would want to be associated with Alig now? What “creative jobs” could there possibly be for someone whose main specialty was ripping everybody else off for ideas and sugar-coating them with an icing of Special K?

    If I were Michael Alig, I’d get as far away from NYC as possible and lay very, very low. There are some people who have NOT forgiven and have NOT forgotten what he did to Andre. They are NOT going to be very happy about Alig’s release. Not. At. All.

  6. ratbastard says

    Good grief. This psycho should locked up for life.

    As for being on an assortment of drugs at the time being used as some form of excuse, I never, not once, murdered and dismembered a corpse ina bath tub while using drugs. You have to be one effed up individual to do thr kind of things this psycho did. He’s not fixed. You can’tfix that kind of sick.

  7. Lucas says

    Why are “club kids” celebrated to begin with? Is this the kind of lifestyle that we want to be endorsing? It seems to me that “club kids” are the type of people we should try not to be.

  8. Jerry says

    Like it or not, the plea deal was the best that the DA could have gotten. To get a murder conviction, prosecutors would have to prove premeditation and intent, and with Alig as whacked out on drugs as he claims, proving that he was even capable of forming credible intent ahead of the killing to the agreement of twelve jurors would have been asking a lot.

    That’s our justice system, kiddies.

  9. Paul R says

    There’s also the fact that the victim was an immigrant and drug dealer, and his family couldn’t afford decent legal help. Again, justice is money.

    Alig would be a fool to try to make it big in NYC again, but I’m sure he’ll do it anyway because, after all, he’s a fool.

  10. kdknyc says

    Of course he’ll do well. We have that creepy photographer who has his underage women models call him “uncle” while he molests thin in the name of “art”.

    His notoriety will be his calling card and he will indeed cash in. A sad commentary about our culture.

  11. says

    One wonders how Michael Alig will come to handle the new world and how in turn the new world will handle him. What was once a dizzy fantastic eccentric ride in clubland and the creatives has now morphed into a paradigm where bottle service, velvet ropes, boozy suburban boys and girls is the name of the game…

    Aren’t we just more in love with the legend of Alig than the man himself….?

  12. Paul R says

    Umm, anyone with half a brain who has read the details of his parties and met the man and his acolytes will tell you, I sincerely hope, that there’s no love for either the “legend” or the man. He was like that relentless, twerpy kid in second grade you wanted to smack so that you could talk to the third graders. After that he didn’t even register (say, once you were making it big in junior high with your one or two friends) until he became a 24 a day train wreck and magnet to attract other damaged goods.

    And I consider myself a fairly damaged good…but there are limits.

  13. rebarb says

    He belongs in prison for the rest of his life. He not only murdered someone but he dismembered his body then threw the body parts away like so much trash. He is not only a sociopath but a psychopath who is more than capable of committing murder again. Let him rot!

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