Pakistani Serial Killer of Gay Men Claimed He Was Stopping The Spread Of Evil

A confessed serial killer has been jailed in Pakistan.

Muhammed Ejaz killed three men, all of them gay, because "they were spreading evil in society and I had to stop it."

Ejaz seems to have committed the murders by luring the men into an encounter, having sex, sedating them, and then breaking their necks, actions he now regrets, saying, "My way was wrong." He still justified his behavior and hatred by claiming, "They are spreading evil and transmitting diseases. They cannot control themselves." His hatred for homosexuals appears to stem from severe internalized homophobia and self-hatred, traumas that were induced at the age of 10 when he was sexually abused by an older boy.

The NYT adds:

He is expected to face full charges in the coming days.

Speculation about the murders had been coursing through gay circles in Lahore since mid-March, when the first killing took place. “People are quite frightened,” said one gay man, speaking on the condition of anonymity because of the law against homosexuality. “They feel both violated and exposed.”

Another man said there was speculation that the victims had been picked up on Grindr, another popular social networking website. “Some of my friends deleted their profiles because they were worried,” he said.

Mr. Ejaz denied police claims that he had had sex with his victims before killing them, claiming instead that sexual abuse he had suffered as a teenager had driven him to act.

There is now concern among the very closeted gay community of Pakistan that Ejaz's actions will be praised by conservative Muslims in the region, and an even greater fear that someone might be inspired to continue his murders.


  1. woodroad34 says

    Ahhh, murder in the name of religion on those who harm no one. Granted not all heterosexuals are this way, but if one were to congregate them with a single mindset it would be: Heterosexuality-the orientation of violence and no understanding of real love.

  2. Derrick from Philly says

    Oh, come on, Mark. You’ve got a whole chapter in the New Testament written in your honor.

    Religion has been used to commit great EVIL, and it has been used to survive great EVIL.

    Without religious faith Africans would have never survived slavery, Jews (and Catholics/Gypsies/Gays) would have never survived the Holocaust, Armenians would have never survived the genocide perpetrated on them by the Turks, etc, etc, etc…

    And guess what–there are Christians who love Jesus but DO NOT love the Bible nor organized churches. Figure that one out.

  3. Derrick from Philly says

    OK, if my comment seems bizarre it’s because it was meant for the other article about the Christian college’s religious fascism. But I guess it fits here also.

  4. MikeKV says

    “Ejaz seems to have committed the murders by luring the men into an encounter, having sex, sedating them, and then breaking their necks, actions he now regrets, saying, “My way was wrong.””

    So, he had *sex* with them, *then* killed them? I’ve heard of being on the “DL”, but killing the other guy so he can’t out you is a bit extreme…

  5. JJ says

    Nice try, @DERRICK, but religion doesn’t get to take credit for people’s innate biological drive to survive. Nonbelievers have the same drive. Not to mention, millions did NOT survive slavery and genocide, despite being religious.

  6. Transformed. says

    Why is he hiding his face? Isn’t he a Pakistani hero? Isn’t he a leader of the hetero supremacist fascist movement/revolution? Isn’t he doing god’s work and fighting the good fight? Aren’t the Muslims, Christians, and Some Jews totally into it?

    consensual sex=bad

    Maybe they can put that on the head-float of the straight pride parade!

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