Russian Bill to Require Fingerprinting of All HIV-infected People for National Database

A bill recently introduced in Russia seeks to create a national fingerprint database of all people with dangerous diseases, including HIV, stoking fears of further government crackdowns on the country’s gay community.

RT reports:

Roman Khudyakov[State Duma deputy Roman Khudyakov] explained he came up with the idea because sometimes infected people change their names and disappear from the state system. Khudyakov says fingerprinting would make it impossible. In addition, universal fingerprinting would make it easier to fight crime, reduce the amount of bureaucratic red tape, and solve many social problems where quick identification is often required.

The bill on universal fingerprinting was drafted by the Liberal Democratic party in August last year. It orders every Russian resident, regardless of citizenship, to register at their place of permanent residence and undergo fingerprinting. The current bill suggests those who refuse can be punished with 50,000 ruble fines (about $1400) and non-citizens could be deported, and banned from entering Russia for 15-years. The bill has been supported by the government but there have been no parliamentary debates on it yet.

HIV Plus Mag adds:

While the bill has drawn some opposition, it appears as though it's likely it is to pass, in a country where there's been an alarming stigmatization of — and a wave of government sanctioned violence against — of gay, bisexual, and transgender men and women. This kind of move will likely further persecute those groups and all people with HIV regardless of gender or orientation.


  1. gr8guyca says

    Yes, this is how it starts.

    Register people with HIV. Then, register people with a highest chance of contracting HIV. To the Russian government, that would mean homosexuals. Then, “encourage” these groups to live in designated areas, for “their own well-being.”

    Dictators work best when they have social groups to vilify. To Hitler, it was mainly the Jews. To Putin, it will be gays.

    Putin. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

  2. Unhappy Hoser says

    Looks like 1937 but the country has changed.

    Is the Russian government so proud that it cannot learn from USA of the 1980s? If they could only isolate their own fear and ignorance instead of people with HIV then many could be saved. With this backward thinking, HIV will spread like wildfire but there will be no ActUp group in Russia with a culture of fear that could scare off the likes of Mother Teresa.

  3. Will says

    Every day russia looks more and more like 1930’s nazi Germany and nothing is being done to stop it. Just a matter of time until the ball drops I guess.

  4. Carlos says

    Sounds like Cuba and the Isle of Pines. Russia is such a backward society it is easy to see their evil deeds, however it is harder to see what is being done in the US now. All of the spying, recording, cameras, drones, militarization of government agencies. No one really represents me. The Democrats, the GOP, the ACLU all are corrupted by politics. The current generation accepts (perhaps not happily) the situation.

  5. Victor says


    The LibDems in Russia are liberals or democrats in name only. The party and its leader (who deserves a separate long story) runs on the platform of left-economics and right-wing nationalist rhetoric. Quite anti-American, only slightly less anti-European. They support having Russia return to the Soviet borders.

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