1. Homo Genius says

    Rachel Maddow noted last night that aside from the ad, Simpson has also sent letters to the circuit court regarding the Utah case. So Simpson may want you to eat cat food when you get old but at least today he is on our side.

  2. Randy says

    His letter to the judges is important. It gives them the assurance that if they vote the right way, it won’t be totally against Republican or conservative values. It sends a signal that it’s safe to rule that way.

    No judge wants to be ostracized for his rulings, even though he may fervently believe that he is absolutely correct. Letters like these will not be a decisive factor, but it sure makes it easier for them to rule our side.

  3. mikeflower says

    I’m curious why there is no relief for the working class, why the jobs have been service economy at best, why corporate welfare is the goal, why your medical deduction expenses have gone up to 10% from 7.5% this year or why any & all medical expences are not deductable?
    Is the entire political class set only to address social issues at the expense of economic/climate?
    Let them eat gay wedding cake & pot brownies.

  4. simon says

    “address social issues at the expense of economic/climate? ”
    It is not a either or question. They can be addressed at the same time.
    If you read the news, Obama has recently been going around the country pushing for minimum wage.

  5. Just_a_guy says

    Big ups to former senator Alan Simpson, apparently an early adopter of common sense and basic human dignity among the Republican Party in Wyoming. Now he just needs to really show leadership and remove the antigay planks cemented into his own party, and rally support of basic humanity amongst CURRENT republican senators.

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