1. JackFknTwist says

    And that is what we have been putting up with for generations.

    Are we fighting back ? Yes.
    Does that make us bullies ? No.

  2. Jere says

    Hopefully someone at Sprint has just lost their job. If any upper management know about previous customer insults, and have not corrected the problem, then they need to lose their job also.

  3. Steerpike says

    Good. Some borderline homophobe gets a taste of what we have to put up with every day.

    PDS: why does he dress like he’s in the chorus for ‘Guys and Dolls’?

  4. Steerpike says

    ‘I don’t lead a homosexual life’

    as opposed to

    ‘I’m not gay’

    Interesting distinction: he obviously realizes that lots of men with wives and kids DO lead ‘homosexual lives’ without being out and gay.

  5. Will says

    @STEERPIKE – I agree, that is a really odd thing to say but I don’t think he said “I don’t lead a homosexual life” because he knows of guys on the DL. Instead, he is probably a church goer who is repeating the terminology he hears at the pulpit.

  6. Lee Keels says

    If I’m not mistaken, that “name” is generated by whatever HE entered as his name when he initiated the chat. I smell a rat in this one.

  7. james st. james says

    This kind of attention will cost Sprint. He certainly knows how to get even, good for him.

    It’s a good example of “get even” don’t get angry. Much better than “turn the other cheek.”

  8. Tigernan says

    Boy, that was a thrill ride of sympathy – I felt bad for the guy, and then – oh, the problem is that you’re not gay and you’re outraged for that reason alone? If you weren’t black I’d want you to get taught a lesson, but you already know it so I don’t know what your damned problem is.

  9. Tigernan says

    I agree with whoever said that the information seems auto generated – and that somebody is trying realllllly hard to cover his tracks.

  10. Hansel Currywurst says

    Why are commenters here abusing the victim? Because he looks “churchy”?

    Did anyone bother to read the part of his quote where he said “and even if I did I don’t think it would be fair to say this on my account”? Whether by “account” he means his Sprint account, or as a [false] description of his life, he acknowledges that Sprint was abusive and used inappropriate language against someone they believed(?) or assumed(?) to be gay.

    He’s not a hater, but y’all are.

  11. Sean Maloney says

    It’s pretty obvious Mr. Matthews had another account with Sprint he was attempting to close when in turn he was addressed by Sprint using the very account he was attempting to close, Gretel Liverworst.

  12. Tigernan says

    Hansel, are you making those stupid multiple accounts up yourself? My god you have no imagination.

  13. Tigernan says

    Hansel, are you making those stupid multiple accounts up yourself? My god you have no imagination.

  14. Sharpp says

    A similar situation happened to a friend of mine at Hermes in NYC. He called them out on it. They sent him a free necktie as a means of apology.

  15. Mike says

    Company auto emails and auto letters are computer generated, garbage in garbage out as has been proven numerous times with these people running to the media on how they were “addressed”.

  16. Hansel Currywurst says

    TIGERNANCY – He would recognize his own screen name and know not to complain about it ON NBC NEWS since Sprint would just tell NBC that the message uses the account screen name as a salutation. Sprint didn’t say that to NBC, so….


  17. jomicur says

    If calling someone a gay sissyboy is merely an “error,” then the word “error” has lost all objective meaning.

  18. palto says

    One time I was addressed as ‘colored’ Palto.

    Now I was outraged because I don’t lead a black lifestyle.

    There, sounds just as stupid as his homosexual explanation.

  19. GaySissyBoyKelvinMatthews says

    One time I was addressed as “Colored” Palto

    Now, I was outraged because I don’t lead a Negro Lifestyle.

    If one is going to make an analogy to show that something is offensive, at least do it right.

  20. Just_a_guy says

    Gary and GSBKM, y’all crack me up.

    Also, the Sprint (auto-?) response didn’t say “gay sissy boy,” it said “sissy boy.” BKM read into that the homosexual thing, and then insulted gay people further by calling it a lifestyle.

    My question: where is Kiwi on this thread? If sprint of its own accord called this dude BKM a sissy, that indicates attacks his effeminacy and not his gayness (or lack thereof). An effeminate straight guy is wronged by being called a “sissy” just as much as an effeminate gay guy (unless either one of them requested it by entering their name that way).0