1. Dan Cobb says

    O’Reilly is so ignorant that he blithely conflates the need for LEGAL equality and rights with an individual person’s aptitudes and talents. What an idiot. Bill, “thinking” isn’t one of your strong points, and like you say, it’s just the way you are!

  2. Mike8787 says

    Not only is Bill O’Reilly an idiot, and this segment bafflingly obtuse, but it is Powerpoint 101 not to simply read your slides. Get some production value, Bill.

  3. james st. james says

    O’Reilly is an expert at marketing simple minded drivel.
    Too bad there’s an audience for it.
    Scary that there’s an audience for it.
    Thank the gods that Comedy Central makes good use of it.

  4. Andy says

    I always so appreciate being lectured about morals by a married Catholic man who propositioned a much younger single female coworker, offering, among a number of things, to give her a shower with a falafel.

  5. anon says

    I think both of them were going for laughs. Bill preaches American decline to comfortable middle-class sixty year olds w/ about the highest standard of living in the world and Colbert preaches cynical disdain of political rhetoric to precociously jaded twenty-somethings. This is funny stuff.

  6. Josh says

    Stephen has a strong orientation toward social justice. He produces laughs, but he consistently makes powerful cases for a more humane, just, and peaceful society.

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