Texas School Agrees to Rehire Transgender Teacher As Long As She Stays Away From Kids

Laura jane klug

A Lumberton, Texas substitute teacher who was told this month not to return to her classes after parents complained about the fact that she’s transgender has been reassigned to another position outside the classroom.

Lone Star Q reports:

Following a contentious school board meeting on April 10, Klug said Superintendent John Valastro told her she’d been reinstated as  a substitute teacher in the Southeast Texas district. However, last week Klug complained that she hadn’t received any teaching assignments — and Valastro told a local TV station he hadn’t made a decision about her future.

Klug said she met with Valastro on Monday and agreed to accept a temporary, full-time position outside the classroom through the end of the school year.

“I was asked not to say where I was working because we don’t want the media and we don’t want angry parents down there, because it’s near one of the schools,” Klug said. “I said I’m willing to do whatever because I really need a paycheck. It doesn’t make me very happy, but I think it should placate them [the parents] somewhat.”

Ken Upton, a senior staff attorney at Lambda Legal, told Lone Star Q that not allowing Klug back into the classroom could constitute a prohibited adverse employment action. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act bans discrimination based on sex, which includes transgender people.


  1. ppp says

    It seems transgender right lags behind gay right for at least twenty years. Does it sound like the denial of gay teachers twenty years ago?

  2. says

    what nonsense. this is a non-issue for the children, no doubt, and only an issue in the minds of some determined-to-remain-ignorant parents.

  3. Homo Genius says

    Im fairly sure Lone Star Q doesn’t stand for Quizmos. Why aren’t the activists and language police having a meltdown and David Villerial posting a couple of articles a day on the how offensive that is

  4. Bev says

    This seems like a good compromise. PPP, there is no comparison b/t trans and gay. They are 2 different concepts.

  5. LiamB says

    You’re pretty much wrong all the way around, Bev. No surprise there, however. This is a horrible “compromise.” It insinuates that transgendered individuals are somehow dangerous to children, yet, not one iota of statistics reveals that to be the case. It’s ignorant and discriminatory, plain and simple.

  6. Michael says

    Teachers are not like employees at McDonalds who can get hired off the street. This teacher has been certified and has an education background. WTH?! What is she going to do? Let her teach.

  7. Vincent Hurley says

    I hope Lambda Legal fries them to a crisp in court. I’d wager there are only a few vocal parents, but the main discrimination is coming from the school board.

  8. prisle2010 says

    This story is tragic in so many ways; the discrimination, the compromise on the teachers part when she is in the right. I understand the teachers need to work, its hard out there, but so sad she has to comprise herself because of these uneducated and bigoted people.

  9. Bernie says

    I guess I don’t really understand why she has to “stay” away from the kids…..are they going to “catch” it?!??! Maybe, all the students in the school district should be vaccinated!!

  10. Henry says

    Vincent Hurley – Yes, please let Lambda sue. They are very experienced at spending LGB money on cases that have nothing to do with LGB people.

    Since Lumberton has no anti-discrimination law covering transgenders, this “transwoman” will have to use Title VII under federal law. The EEOC issued a bogus opinion that Title VII covers transgenders, but no court is bound by that opinion. This case would be a great opportunity to blow that opinion out of the water.

  11. crash2parties says

    “The EEOC issued a bogus opinion that Title VII covers transgenders, but no court is bound by that opinion. ”

    Henry, the EEOC only put forth that ruling *after* enough federal court decisions had occurred to mandate doing so.

    While we’re at it, there are plenty of LGB trans people as well as a higher than typical number of trans LGB people. And strictly speaking, having a sexuality opposite social expectations based on one’s assigned sex makes LGB people a very specific subset of transgender, if you think about it…

    Also? Calling people, “transgenders” is offensive, please stop. Correct usage is transgender people, trans people, trans man, trans women…it’s an adjective.

  12. Rod Roddy lookalike says

    As I read the article, I wondered what the majority of the students have to say about the teacher? It is more likely that more don’t worry about the teacher’s trans status, and more about how much/well they are “learning.” More likely still, it’s the parents who got their proverbial balls in an uproar.

  13. enchantra says

    We don’t have time for this! We have to scream about Cliven Bundy saying that government dependence is like slavery!!! OMG!!

  14. Patrick says

    Well,more stupid idiotic phobic parents in Texas.. Maybe their kids will be transgender/ gay…That’ll mess with their heads..

  15. Gay Guy says

    As a gay man, I can’t say that I’m 100% comfortable with transgender people. However, I understand that it’s not about my “comfort,” and I especially understand that many are equally uncomfortable with my sexuality.

    I fully support the right of transgender people, period!