1. MaryM says

    I am so looking forward to the trans hysteria over this advert.

    Maybe he was a drag queen in the advert?

    Or are drag queens transphobic as well?

    Was the transwoman / drag queen gay or bi?

    It’s time for the LGB and the T’s to wish each other well and go their separate ways.

  2. Jols says

    How was this “not their intent”??

    The message is about “misleading marketing” and they’re saying a trans woman lies by not even saying, but letting people think she’s a woman. I don’t see how that can be seen as anything but 100% transphobic in intent.

    I work in advertising. Between the moment an ad is thought up and the moment it ends up online, at least 50 people (sometimes closer to 100) see it, see the script and have time to say something. I can’t believe NO ONE said anything and that this wasn’t a conscious decision.

  3. reader says

    MARYM, you are free to go your own way and we gay men who fully support trans equality will wish you well. But we won’t follow you.

  4. Homo Genius says

    Trans people don’t actually change genders. Chaz Bono is not a guy.

    But I am sure this strikes a nerve because I’m sure its a big deal for trans to pass. Just like Sarah Jane in Imitation of life. Anything that reminds them they are real freaks them out.

  5. Mikey says

    Homo, in some countries you would be murdered for being gay. Try to have some perspective, you scumbag.

  6. Randal Oulton says

    Er, make that – think progress had made a backup. (sorry phone started ringing at that exact second.)

  7. Thedrdonna says

    There is not a pervasive trope in the media about drag queens “tricking” unsuspecting men into having sex with them. There IS, in fact, one about trans women doing so. Pretending that this doesn’t feed into that dangerous narrative is disingenuous, at best, if not actively malicious.

  8. Leroy Laflamme says

    Anyone who knows anything about how advertising agencies work will agree that there is no such thing as an ad ‘backfiring’. All likely responses are explored, especially when something controversial is intended. These are marketing experts, & the so-called negative reaction is actually part of the deal. Pulling a commercial after the ‘offense’ has nothing to do with apology or reparation – it’s just good marketing.

  9. Debs says

    “Obviously, a transwoman is a woman, not a man, a distinction that can be lost on people who are more ignorant of trans culture and issues.”

    Well, at least we now know that Christian Walters is an ignorant fool who is in favor of rape by fraud. Christian, if a “transwomen” is a woman, then there should be absolutely no problem with disclosing her trans status to a sex partner. But they don’t want to do that. They claim a right to trick their partners into sex, obtaining sexual access to another person’s body without informed consent. Trans activists are objectively pro-rape. There is an example of this in this week’s column of Savage Love, which concerns a “transman” who not only didn’t disclose, but actively lied to “his” partner to get access to her body. Another example: trans writer Natalie Reed has boldly proclaimed – to the great approval of “her” trans audience – that transgenders’ need for easy sex trumps the rights of others. The trans movement is a pro-rape movement.

  10. JMartindale says

    Christian Walters is the transphobe here. Why can’t this transwoman identify as a man? Who is Christian to put zir in a box? Maybe the trans*^$# in the ad is actually “polygender” or “genderqueer”? I think Christian owes an apology to the entire trans*+!!@ community.

    BTW, none of this is insane.

  11. Welp says

    Or that Black women are fat and latinos speak bad english….that ad was “offensive” in more ways than one, but no one cares about black and latino stereotypes, also asian…if you’re gay or a tranny -gasp- ohnoes !

  12. Tyler says

    Trollroad continues to live up to its reputation.

    And to think this could all be solved by a switch to a different commenting format. Such a seemingly simple fix.

  13. Randy says

    “And the ad has indeed been removed”

    No it hasn’t.

    It’s just been marked private.

  14. Tommy says


    Answer a question directly and honestly: If a transwoman is with a partner who does not know that she is trans and the trans person knows that the partner would want to know this information and that the information would impact their consent, does the trans person have any obligation to disclose? Yes or no?

  15. Thedrdonna says

    Tommy: no, she doesn’t. A person who is infertile wouldn’t “need” to tell someone that they are before sex, even though that person may care deeply. A person who is mixed race but passes for white is under no obligation to tell their potential romantic partner about that fact, even if that partner is a racist and would care a lot.

    That’s not to say that it wouldn’t have the potential to cause issues. I believe that openness is very important for a lasting relationship, and I would be very much upfront with my status as a trans person, but that doesn’t mean that I expect everyone to follow my own personal rules, because that would put me in the same camp as social conservatives who expect everyone to live by their religions rules.