‘You Should Know I’m a Man Before This Goes Too Far': VIDEO


In a misguided attempt at cheekily demonstrating their new tagline, "The truth's not always easy," Truth In Advertising included a transphobic joke in their ad. The ad features individuals singing confessions about various thoughts, deeds, and misdeeds, one of which is a woman and a man on a bed presumably about to undress for sex. When the woman opens her mouth to sing, a man's voice is dubbed over, saying "You should know I'm a man before this goes too far."

Obviously, a transwoman is a woman, not a man, a distinction that can be lost on people who are more ignorant of trans culture and issues. This misstep would be bad enough on its own if it weren't for the fact that the setup that's played for laughs is the very nasty and pernicious stereotype that trans people - transwomen in particular - engage in deliberate deception to trick a straight cisgendered man into sleeping with them. This irrational fear leads to unnecessary hatred for trans people, sometimes with deadly consequences.

For their part, executive director Bonnie Patten released a public apology for the video and it's going through the review process.

While we attempted to use humor in our ad to engage consumers on the serious issue of misleading marketing, it was truly not our intention to negatively portray a transgender person. We sincerely apologize and are reviewing it now.

Reviews like these tend to lead to removals, so if you'd like to see the ad for yourself while it's still live, you can watch it AFTER THE JUMP...

UPDATE: And the ad has indeed been removed.