Uganda Targets NGOs with Proposed Anti-Gay Bill

Uganda plans to step up efforts to clamp down on gays by barring NGOs from promoting homosexuality, Reuters reports:

UgandaThe draft, now being studied by the cabinet before being introduced in parliament, would also ban foreign NGOs from meddling in the east African country's politics, junior internal affairs minister James Baba told Reuters on Monday.

Critics say the legislation will further erode civil liberties and entrench a climate of oppression and political intolerance already evolving ahead of 2016 polls in which veteran leader, Yoweri Museveni, is expected to stand.

The new law would place new tighten financial ruies on NGOs that would limit their ability to criticize the government's draconian anti-gay laws.

Said lawyer Nicholas Opiyo to Reuters:

"What is happening is that rather than use brute force, Museveni's politics is increasingly dependent on use of money to win elections…So in order for them to have a free hand in spending public resources to buy votes in the next election, what do you do? You begin to restrict NGOs."


  1. gregorybrown says

    There re good and decent people in Africa–not just Desmond Tutu and the relatively few genuinely Christian clergy we hear about. The are plain rdinary people, Christan and Muslim, Animists and more. Unfortunately, they are not in power positions to work vile and evil things. If it weren’t for the added pain and real dangers those good folks endure, I’d happily see most of the continent flooded, plagued, blown away so long as the bigots and blowhards died. Things don’t work that way, of course.

  2. emjayay says

    And serving everyone will be interpreted as meddling in politics, or whatever. So probably NGOs, the only good thing going in this godforsaken corrupt place, have to figure out what to do.

  3. gregorybrown says

    NGO=Non-Governmental Organization. These are private religious and secular groups such as Doctors Without Borders, Trees for Life, Mercy Corps. There are many, some really big, others that are small and highly focused on education, health care, agriculture, advancement of the status of women, etc. They don’t have the ability to impose economic or political sanctions on the bigots but some have considerable leverage.

    NGO’s are targeted by fundamentalist bigots of all religious stripes, who prefer that children starve or are crippled and killed by polio, that women remain uneducated and docile, and that farmers stick to Big Farming plans to produce export crops instead of feeding their own populations.

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