1. Hansel Currywurst says

    The haters who bought and paid for Regnerus’ propaganda piece must be having a bad case of buyer’s remorse. We should encourage all wingnuts to waste their money on such spectacular failures so they’ll have less to spend buying elections.

    And I’m delighted my alma mater, the University of Texas, got a bloody nose in the process. Maybe they’ll stick to academics and football now and leave their jackboots in the closet.

  2. GregV says

    “For example, they have argued that banning same-sex marriage promotes “diversity” in parenting and helps protect birth rates from declining.”

    For the same reasons it could be argued that banning same-race marriage or same-language marriage promotes diversity. A kid with a Japanese parent who speaks to the kid in Japanese and a Swedish patent speaking to the kid in Swedish is likely to experience more diversity that two boring ol’ white, American English-speaking parents.
    But obviously having a diverse community does not mean the state mandates that every family have exactly the “SAME” differences.

    Regarding birth rates: Do we need to “protect” them from declining? Anyone paying attention to the world’s exploding population and rapidly-declining resources should know that anything we can do to gradually REDUCE the world’s population would be the the most important thing we could possibly do for the long-term survival of ALL species (including our own) and the planet. If “banning” anyone’s marriage actually had that effect (it doesn’t) it would be mixed-sex marriages that would be banned to help the planet out.

  3. Bevo Wept says

    @Hansel: As a fellow UT-alum, just want to point out that UT-Austin has been under budgetary and operational siege for more than a decade from a Republican-dominated (and anti-higher education-minded) legislature; and 12 dark years of Rick Perry governorship, in particular Perry’s ultra-conservative nominations to the Board of Regents, who have been particularly destructive to UT’s administration.

    In that climate the statements put out by the College of Liberal Arts and the Department of Sociology disavowing Regnerus’ study were about as forceful as they could have been.

  4. jamal49 says

    @GREGV What the Mormons and other American christian groups complain about when referencing the “declining birth rate” is that the birth rate among northern European, Anglo-Saxons (aka as white people) is declining. That just gives them all nightmares.

  5. RobNYNY1957 says

    More importantly, even if the Regnerus study had any sociological validity, it doesn’t enunciate any legal principle. Let’s assume that there is an optimal form of marriage, and other sub-optimal forms. The law does not in general prohibit the sub-optimal forms. Child abusers can marry, people on death row can marry, heroin addicts can marry. Even if the study is true, it’s irrelevant.

  6. Patrick says

    This was one of my many LOL moments so far today. The right wing gets more desperate,deranged & deluded by the day. No wonder they keep losing in court cases all over the USA. The right wing nut cases keep driving people to the moderate/left/Democrat faction.

  7. Hansel Currywurst says

    @BEVO — The repugs don’t see it (because it doesn’t involve the NCAA) but they’re on a path leading to loss of accreditation for departments and then whole colleges at UT; and probably beyond the Austin campus, though I don’t keep-up enough to say. That may be their plan, though, because if they can’t inflict their version of society on the world from “their” Sociology department then why fund it? And Liberal Arts is obviously full of liberals so who wants a whole college of that?

    I think I’ll take a continuing education course at Rice so I can tell people I went there instead.

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