1. Elsewhere1010 says

    The owner of Mint Springs wan never being asked to participate in the event. They’re a venue, and they’re paid for the space and physical supplies such as chairs, tables, etc.

    Forget whether an event is gay or straight, this sounds more like a contracts case.

  2. David says

    Pretty sure “all-inclusive” refers to the package of services they offer, not their willingness to welcome all couples, sad to say.

  3. johnny says

    It doesn’t even sound like a wedding, it’s a commitment ceremony, way different. So, unless I’m wrong, Tenn. doesn’t have a law against those, right?

    Sounds to me like the guys employees thought the owner was far less of an ass than reality proved him to be.

  4. John P. says

    Why spend all that time & money for a commitment ceremony when they could travel to DC or some other state where it’s legal? They have better choices.

  5. Sammy says

    @Johnny – Whether a commitment ceremony or an actual wedding, not a single state in the union has a law against either. Most, however do not recognize the marriages of same sex couples. Non-recognition does not equal illegality.

  6. Bill says

    TN doesn’t have a law prohibiting anyone from doing anything on their own. It prevents the state from acknowledging SSM.

    This is just a stoopid reading of the legal situation.

  7. anon says

    The owner is being quite block-headed or mealy-mouthed. The commitment ceremony is not illegal simply because the state doesn’t have gay marriage, so no one is in any legal jeopardy. Does the owner know this? If so, it’s a lame excuse. If not, perhaps a lawyer can explain it to them. However, a gay-friendly venue might be better overall for them.

  8. KevenT says

    I say call the venue and politely tell them why their position is both heinous and a complete cop out. Just to help them understand.

    If this were any straight couple people would be furious.

  9. shanestud says

    If a fundamentalist Evangelical church sponsored one of those Father-Daughter evenings involving the father presenting his daughter with a promise ring to ensure her virginity and purity until her marriage could that be seen as a “commitment ceremony”….or incest by the owners of Mint Springs?

  10. says

    Well it gives the lie to, and exposes, that hollow salutation I have heard for years:
    ‘Thank you for your service.’

    Fair words and foul deeds.
    A bit like ‘Love the sinner , hate the sin.’
    Yes, all hypocrisy.

    Sigfreid Sassoon got it right when he wrote of the names on the New Menin Gate :
    ‘Never was an immolation so belied as these intolerably nameless names.’

    Iraq, Afghanistan – all those soldiers killed and maimed now suffering the indifference of bigots. What’s the difference between a gay or straight soldier when your unit is under attack ?
    These bigots are despicable…..hiding behind an idiot’s view of what’s legal/not recognized.

  11. Mick says

    The venue is making sound like there is some law that is preventing them from hosting this type of event. They might have some conditional use permit that states they are only allowed to host weddings.

    It’s still ridiculous, but I wish that the journalists involved had actually done 15 minutes work by asking some follow up questions about what is going on here.

    This is poor storytelling.

  12. BobN says

    “They should sue.”

    For what? Refusing gay people is perfectly legal in TN.

    What they should do is get married in a state where it’s possible. Then have a party back home.

  13. Bernie says

    talk about no backbone! These venue owner/s are chicken! and full of it! State law is not dictating policy to them….it is discrimination and ignorance!!

  14. Spacedial says

    Hey Andrew Sullivan gays (and that’s what those who defend that apologetic blowhard are known as now)….where’s the outrage about Christians denying so many things to gays? You latch on to one story like Eich yet ignore or ENDORSE stories of gays being rejected and EJECTED by Christians. #donttrustgaychristians

  15. Two Dads says

    Just proving that the real militant bullies in society are STILL religious heterosexuals. Do not let privileged ‘hashtagtivist’ LGBT on social media tell you otherwise. It’s still militant religious heteros ruling society, law and every bracket of life.

  16. Kyle C. says

    ….I’m SURE Andrew Sullivan will write an in depth piece about this…right….right? No? Oh. Can’t get on television for it, never mind.

  17. Hughes says

    And people claim homophobia isn’t as real as other forms of hate? PLEASE. It’s the most socially acceptable form of hate, and worse…GAYS are the first to promote homophobia as being reasonable. Especially rich gays with no grasp of how societal homophobia demoralizes a community, and same sex families and children.

  18. T.J says

    Anyone who says “just go marry in some other state” COMPLETELY misses the point of our civil rights movement and the concept of FREEDOM. Not everyone has the opportunity to just travel to another state NOR SHOULD THEY HAVE TO. They are TAXED CITIZENS. They have every right to fight for marriage in their state, and expose those who prevent them from even staging a ceremony for themselves in any state.

    No, we will not stand in the back of the line.

  19. Retro says

    They say “they only do weddings.” So apparently, it’s a marketing/branding issue as opposed to discrimination, and they’re denying this couple the venue, because they don’t want to open the floodgates to all those co-habitating straight couples out there who want one of those new-age commitment ceremony type things just so they can forego all the rights and responsibilities that come with a bona fide marriage, but then can still hold themselves out to all their friends and family with something that imitates marriage. Yet, in reality, these straight couples can pack it in and get out of their non-legally binding domestic arrangements any time they want. Good move Mint Springs Farm! We really don’t want any more of that type of thing goin’ on in society now, do we? (RME)

  20. Dan says

    What a beautiful amazing couple. Thank you for your service. And thank you for exposing this story.

  21. Bobcats says

    Let’s just imagine for one sec if a gay venue owner declined to allow a religious couple because they were Christian to hold a wedding at their venue. There would be so much press that it would eclipse the Clippers racism story. That’s the double standard between heterosexism and our community. They feel ENTITLED to their bigotry.

  22. Artistry-Lyons says

    They bravely fought for this country only to have their home reject them for who they inherently are. Shameful! This is why every LGBT should speak about our issues.

  23. RandyNovak says

    I do not think “all inclusive” means what these guys think it means. Have they never been to a Mexican resort?

  24. Bill says

    Tell the owners that a commitment ceremony is not a legal marriage and that if the owner backs out after accepting, he should compensate the couple financially.

    There are real damages – people have to work for a living and having their time wasted by bozos who offer one thing one day and change their mind the next causes real harm.