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    I’m neither a soap fan nor a crier, but seeing what I thought would never be possible still makes me ball like a baby. I just celebrated my second wedding anniversary with my beautiful Husband, Michael…. I love saying “my husband”!!

  2. Jay says

    The one thing about the Will and Sonny storyline that the gay press keeps missing revolves around Melissa Reeves, one of the darlings of the Days cast who practically grew up on the show. Her character is Will’s aunt by blood and Sonny’s aunt by marriage. For the almost two years of Will and Sonny’s relationship, she has not had a single line of dialogue with either of them. Jennifer attended the wedding and managed not to share a single frame of video with the happy couple or either of them alone. Oh did I mention that Reeves made a point of being photographed eating a Chic-Fil-A sandwich during that whole contretemps. So it seems clear why Jennifer Horton has not shared a single scene with either one of her gay nephews in almost two years. Why the gay press hasn’t taken notice of this is beyond me.

  3. says

    Wow, interesting Jay. I admit I (a 45 year old man) took the day off so I wouldn’t miss the wedding episode. I love Will and Sonny’s storyline and have followed gay story lines on probably a dozen soaps. Especially Christian and Oliver and Roman and Denis (German soaps). Total guilty pleasure. I thought this wedding was done really well and did you notice the photos of the gay rally and the famous wedding photo of I believe Phyllis Siegel and Connie Kopelov on the tables and mantle?

  4. Jay says

    Hi Wayne. I am just a wee bit older than you and I just started watching Days after the 2012 Olympics (I was going through soap withdrawal after All My Children and One Life to Live got cancelled the year before and knew that Days was essentially rebooting after the Olympic break, so I figured it would be a good time to start watching.) It also happened to be the jumping off point for WilSon, so I have been enjoying them ever since. Jennifer’s absence from her nephews’ lives has been glaring.

  5. Scar2 says

    I was at the gym (a very straight gym) when I saw it on the screens & nobody cared. I came back the next day & saw that General Hospital has a gay love triangle. Apparently, Days’ ratings are up because of it. Both shows are doing it to get a younger audience so they can charge more for ads. I’m middle-aged, so I find all this amazing. Time sure has changed.

  6. John says

    I love to read comments. You can laugh your ass off. Agree it was a wonderful wedding, but ball like a baby? Will and Sonny likely balled like men afterwards.

  7. John says

    I love to read comments. You can laugh your ass off. Agree it was a wonderful wedding, but ball like a baby? Will and Sonny likely balled like men afterwards.

  8. Jay says

    I disagree about the recast. I think that the new Will, Guy Wilson, seems way more comfortable in Will’s gay skin than Chandler Massey did and that he has great chemistry with Freddie Smith. Their kisses seem more real than Freddie’s and Chandler’s kisses. And the looks of love that Guy’s Will gives to Sonny seem more believable.

  9. Alex Parrish says

    Just an aside — while this is (likely as reported) DAYTIME TVs first gay male wedding, it is not the first gay TV wedding. I believe that honor goes to Scotty and Matthew on Brothers & Sisters, IIRC.

  10. Jagger Cates says

    I don’t watch Days, but that was awesome and I cried through the whole wedding especially when Carole??, I think, told her story. Some great writing in those scenes.

  11. Alex Parrish says

    OMG! Did they use Pachelbel’s Canon? As a professional musician I am so OVER that piece and if I get asked to play it one more time there’s a chance it could turn from a wedding into a funeral. Now — if it was featured on ‘Days’ there’s the likelihood of a whole new bunch of brides asking for it. ARG-G-G-H!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Just_a_guy says

    Representations of us matter. At a personal level, this is the first full representation of a gay wedding I happen to have observed in significant detail. A little like how the two guys in jeans holding hands on a QX magazine once upon a time struck an image in my head of what a gay relationship might be like.

    And darnit, I cried a bit, ha..

    And, yeah, I don’t know that I would have chosen Canon for a wedding, as much as I like the song.

    Also, so what was the secret they wouldn’t tell?! I’m not a regular to the show, but I kind of want to know…

  13. Donny says

    The wedding was a joke. Guy Wilson was horribly miscast. Whoever said he has better chemistry with Freddie Smith and their kisses seem more real is blind. Chandler Massey and Freddie Smith had chemistry that jumped off the screen. As for acting ability, Chandler could be unconscious in a hospital bed (which actually happened) and give a better performance than Guy.

    Chandler was not afraid to kiss Freddie in the slightest and there are many scenes to prove it. I don’t think he gave his best performances toward the end of his tenure on the show but even they were better than Guy. Chandler also had chemistry with many other characters on the show, particularly his grandmother, Marlena. Guy’s scenes were her, with anyone for matter, are stiff and forced. He is painful to watch. And so was the wedding.

  14. BreckRoy says

    I thought it was great and the show as done a great job with everyone’s various journeys alongside these characters. In real life, I would think they were too young to marry, but as this is great for representation, I won’t quibble. Guy Wilson has not had an easy time in his transition, but he has handled it like a pro. He is a great Will and I am glad they found him. However, looking forward to seeing what he can do with a sforyoine that isn’t a continuation from his predecessor’s, as that is usually when a recast gets to distinguish himself from prior portrayers. But I am happy he’s here and enjoy what he is bringing to Will.

  15. GregV says

    @Alex Parrish: Brothers and Sisters definitely didn’t have “TV’s first gay wedding” in 2008, either. You have to add the extra qualifiers “between two lead characters on a broadcast network” to make the sentence accurate.

    A little-known Fox show had a character’s visiting gay uncle get married on an episode in 1991, and in 1995, I remember watching Martin Mull and Fred Willard’s characters marry on Rosanne at almost the same time that Susan and Carol got married on Friends. (None of these were “lead characters” even though the episodes centered on their weddings).
    Queer as Folk married off two different pairs of its gay leads on cable (not network) TV. Even daytime TV had a gay couple get married on All My Children, beating Will and Sonny by 5 years.

    It’s great that we have finally arrived at the point where any gay couple’s wedding has to have all these qualifiers to be a “first” any more. Will and Sonny are, I guess, the first gay wedding “between two regularly-appearing male characters on network daytime TV.”

    I thought this episode was done really well.

  16. Al says

    I have been watching DOOL since 1968 and I have lived through some pretty ridiculous story lines. Will and Sonny’s storyline is handled with grace and maturity. The writers got it right. My partner and I cried during their wedding not so much for what could be but for what is in many parts of our country now. Soon, it will be possible for us to marry no matter where we live.

  17. kevin says

    Haven’t watched soaps in years but did view this just to see, it was beautiful. Does anyone know the title of the music played during the wedding procession? Sounds like perhaps a harp? Thanks!

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