1. Homo Genius says

    I just have to say, Clinton has the worst shoes for a women. I mean Sarah Palin was working Louboutin and Clinton always looks like she shops the sale rack at Thom McCan. I just don’t trust a women with bad shoes

  2. JMC says

    Well, the fact that Sarah Palin comes out on top of Hillary Clinton in your comparison should demonstrate exactly why it’s moronic to judge a politician by the shoes they wear. Gay men who find catty misogyny amusing are so gross.

  3. Paul R says

    Yep, Sam, one kook in an industry group full of applauding fans in VEGAS and zero negative comments here not involving footwear really support your point.

  4. bernard says

    Wow, she hasn’t even declared her candidacy and she’s already getting Secret Service protection? Or is it because she’s former first lady and/or secretary?

  5. melvin says

    Really TONYC? Notice the security guy didn’t find it so amusing. Our politics are a joke, that is bad enough. But it would be unwise to sit by while they degenerate further into brown shirt tactics. These incidents have to be taken very seriously.

  6. Robert says

    @Bernard: Until the Obamas, the presidential family received SS protection for life. I can’t remember if it was Bush Jr. or Obama that signed the law where it ends 10 years after the president leaves office. It was part of the silly debt reduction packages. It also might have been repealed by now.

  7. Mark says

    Am I the only one who is more than a little concerned about this incident? It doesn’t matter if you agree with Madame President or not, this woman breached a secured event and attempted to assault Mrs. Clinton. She could have just as easily pulled out a gun. This is NOT a light matter. The assailant needs to have the BOOK thrown at HER.

  8. SpaceCadet says

    The secret service should have had an agent near the front of the stage to anticipate such an event occurring and if there was such an agent, he or she was too slow. #secretservicefail

  9. Perry says

    It is kind of interesting seeing the same types of people concerned about Hilary’s safety in this incident that laughed when it happened to Bush 43.

  10. Nathan says

    @Perry I agree, although I for one never thought the Bush incident was funny at all, no matter how terrible a job I thought he did as President. Also, anyone find it odd that no one is releasing her name? I mean, people get accused of way more heinous crimes and their names are immediately released.

  11. Lucas says

    @Perry, very good point. I agree with you. I never thought the Bush incident was funny either. It’s kinda like how democrats get all up in arms about disrespect toward the Clintons or Obamas, yet cheer when they were talking about naming a sewage plant after George Bush near SF. Disrespect is disrespect.

  12. Paul R says

    Presidents and their spouses receive lifetime protection. The protection was lifted in 1997 for future presidents, but last year Obama restored it.

    To me, living with it would be about as awful as not living with it.

  13. Derrick from Phiily says

    Homo Genius, Litper, Perry, Sam

    Andy, it’s getting insane when they start arguing with each other, and they are all f.cking Rick.

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