World Congress of Families Spokesman Is Angry ‘Noah’ Film Didn’t Blame Flood on Gays


Virulently anti-gay umbrella organization World Congress of Families isn’t too happy the film Noah chose to blame the cinematic biblical flood on climate change instead of on the deviant lifestyle of homosexuals.

Writes spokesman Don Feder:

Don federScripture is a bit vague on the reasons for the flood. The Bible explains: "Now the earth was corrupt before God. And the earth became full of robbery. And God saw the earth, and behold it had become corrupted." (Genesis 6:11-12). 

Corrupt in what way? Would God destroy the world over larceny? Later in Genesis, the Canaanite cities of Sodom and Gomorrah are blotted out, this time by fire, over sexual deviancy. The term "sodomite" doesn't refer to someone who knocks-over convenience stores. 

Try to imagine Hollywood making a movie that inveighs against sexual immorality, when the entertainment industry goes Lady Gaga over gayness and presents cohabitation, adultery and abortion as lifestyle choices. 

Instead, Feder says, the film chose to embrace the “cult of global warming”:

Although adherents won't admit it, warmingism is also based on faith – a belief in the depravity of industrial society and the evil of progress. Unfortunately for its proponents, warmingism is demonstrably false and is increasingly refuted by reality. The earth isn't getting warmer. The ice caps aren't shrinking. The rise in sea-levels is insignificant and ecological doom is nowhere on the horizon. 

You may recall World Congress of Families being the same organization that was barred last November from Senate meeting rooms by Sen. Mark Kirk (R-IL) because of the group's discriminatory policy positions. House Speaker John Boehner later secured a congressional meeting room for the group. 

[via RightWingWatch]