1. spike says

    Sounds like he’s addicted to anything he can get at Skid Row and then blame it on “out of gas”
    OH…and can they PHOTOSHOP the color of his eyes anymore?

  2. Perry says

    He comes off as a typical dumb pretty boy. Completely talentless and coasting on his good looks. He obviously doesn’t care to be taken serious.

  3. Arrow says

    If he’s bipolar and gay stand back– he’s mine. I could suck on his ups and love during lows. Being cute was a plus for me too. Wonder if he’ll come out?

  4. spike says

    “This guy is talking about his struggles with substance abuse, and you attack him for his appearance. Stay classy, Towleroad commenters.”

    Sorry Fan Boy…I was attacking photo shopping, and making FUN of his addiction. I still can’t believe they let the “I ran out of gas at skid row” story disappear.

  5. BusterLA says

    I read the full article and was impressed by the achievement. It should be used in textbooks as an almost ideal realization of the “manager and PR hack written” image piece. Every answer comes across as honest about the problems, serious about addressing them and committed to personal growth and getting back to the work that he loves.

    This is the sort of finely polished promotional product you should expect when a studio is seriously behind the marketing of your next film. Except for vague admissions about some drug use, it bears the shiny, happy retro quality of a classic 1950’s movie mag puff piece. I just hope that Zac can appreciate the huge mercenary love such an effort represents.

    I wonder if they even bothered to make Zac show up to the “interview”?

  6. Rod Roddy lookalike says

    DC, I agree: I’d take Seth Rogen over Sac, ANY day! Wow…. We need more shirtless pics of Seth Rogen, whenever they’re available. Zac is FAR too skinny for my tastes!!!

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