Anti-Gay Benham Twins Could Land New Show on ‘Traditional Values’ Network INSP TV

Benham brothers

The Hollywood Reporter has learned one of the replacement channels that may pick up anti-gay, right wingers David and Jason Benham is INSP TV, a channel that (while I’ve never heard of it) apparently reaches 75 million homes with content that prides itself on “traditional values.”

The two have been working with a Christian advocacy group to help look for alternative channels after HGTV canceled their would-be show last week following a Right Wing Watch post about their family’s anti-gay extremism.  

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  1. ReaceNYC says

    I just looked at this channels current line up…reruns of “the Walton’s”, “Matlock”,”Little House on the Prarie”, and “Dr. Quinn” are the prime time hits…apparently only shows based on White Protestant Christian values are allowed to make up what they call “lunge free” tv…wow

  2. Profe Sancho Panza says

    I’m pretty sure “INSP” must be short for Inspiration. And if they can actually find advertisers, more power to them. Then their viewers will have something new to watch besides Fox News.

  3. bobbyjoe says

    @REACENYC So the “Traditional Values” network is showing “The Waltons,” which featured Will Gear (Grandpa Walton), a gay rights pioneer and lover to the major early gay rights actvist Harry Hay (“The Waltons” also starred serious political progressives like Ralph Waite); and the “Traditional Values” network is also showing “Little House on the Prarie” starring gay rights and AIDS activist Allison Angrim (Nellie Olsen) who became interested in gay rights and AIDS issues because the guy who played her husband on the show was gay and died of the disease; and the network is also showing “Matlock” starring longtime Democrat Andy Griffith, who was friends with (gay) Jim Nabors and made an ad before his death supporting the election of Barack Obama; and they’re also showing “Dr. Quinn’s” Jane Seymour, who fairly recently did a “lesbian kiss” scene with Heather Locklear? O.K., cool. With that lineup, sounds like they should change their name to the “Politically Progressive Gay Rights Network.”

  4. Peter says

    Well of course it is in 75 million households, because it is one of the channels that are provided free. If it was subscription only, I be their viewership would be just a tad smaller, like 50k.

  5. says

    I’d be curious to know if HGTV – even though they cancelled “Flip It Forward” still owns the concept, at least for sometime? I’m thinking the bros can’t just take the same show to another network after they’ve paid to produce footage already…?

  6. ReaceNYC says

    That’s awesome info you have BobbyJoe, you should comment on the channels blog section and congratulate them on having such an inclusive pro human rights lineup! I bet the prime time schedule would do a little bit of changing to more 700 club reruns!

  7. Mike says

    Exactly Adam. INSIPID as in tasteless, unimaginative, uninspired, shallow, uninteresting, lackluster, dull, boring, dry, humdrum, tedious, hackneyed, stale, uneventful, run-of-the-mill, commonplace, wishes-washy, colorless, anemic or just plain lame. Yeah, that sounds like it precisely!

  8. woodroad34 says

    This is rather like giving a show a run on any of the main over the air stations but at 2:00 in the morning. Well, they’re on air, but no one’s home.

  9. Marc says

    As mentioned above, the current lineup actually sounds quite humanist and beautiful. If these two showed up on Little House on the Prairie they would be the hateful villains of the episode who by the end would have a change of heart and see the error of their ways.

    Little House would NOT put up with their bigotry.

  10. SeattleMike says

    Notice the artful phrasing of “reaches 75 million homes”, not “watched in 75 million homes.” There are lots of channels that reach my home that I would never dream of watching. They’re just bundled in by the cable company.

  11. IChooseYou says

    What’s the show going to be about anyway? Them being good Abrahamic warriors by bashing gays with building tools? Sort of a new reality-TV take on YouTube’s video “Russia Declares Discrimination Newest Olympic Sport”?

  12. Peter says

    Maybe they could start the reality show “Living as the Bible tells me so”. It would be a real hoot-a-nanny when they get to the stoneings and such. One of the tasks they could have is to build an Ark and call in voters can select which single family gets to board, while the rest of the set is flooded and wipes out the rest. Then the repopulate the world tasks would be a real fun one.

  13. BrokebackBob says

    The only people that watch INSP TV are the same people who watch FAUX News, etc etc.
    So they will be back in their little extreme right-wing hate bubble.

  14. SpaceCadet says

    @Retro, you beat me to it! Yes, the yummy and out and proud Chad Allen was a major star on Dr. Quinn and was on it even after he was outed. We gays are all over traditional family broadcasting! :o)

  15. Tony says

    This network is located near to them. They are known for “forgetting” to put money their employee’s 401K, not paying their staff on time and not paying their taxes.

    Their CEO is currently building a 2 million dollar lake house, while his network leaves bills unpaid.

    All of this easily found with a simple google search.

    In other words a perfect fit for these guys. When you live with vipers, you get what you deserve.

  16. james street james says

    Not to worry about the money because the Benhams have been brought in to remake Little House on the Prairie and flip it.

    Spoiler alert: They add plumbing to the outhouse.

  17. David says

    “about their family’s anti-gay extremism.”

    I LOVE this. Kyler Geoffroy is trying to outdo Andy Towle as a leftist ideologue. This is a good effort, I must admit. :) If one comes to TowleRoad for leftist hyperbole, one seldom leaves disappointed!

    For those who don’t get Kyler’s vocabulary, I will provide the needed definitions:

    “anti-gay” = daring to have an opinion that MIGHT offend any homosexual anywhere.

    “extremism” = holding views not approved by the left

    Now, Kyler’s post can be read with full understanding.

  18. says

    One of the best comment sections ever. So much INSP!

    @David: Their own words tag them as anti-gay extremists, Kyler was just stating the obvious, but even if he weren’t, bloggers can have POVs. It’s not only extremist twins who have a right to an opinion. As do you–don’t like left-leaning blogs, start a rightist one, go to town!

    Meanwhile, maybe the boys can make use of Tammy Faye Bakker’s make-up brushes lying around from the PTL days. Aside from the gay-friendly ghosts who may be haunting INSP–be careful, fellas–this could be a perfect fit for them, with exactly the audience they deserve.

  19. MIke says

    But without the HGTV brand behind them, they’ll miss out on all the lucrative tie-ins. Maybe Hobby Lobby will work this them on a line of products (eg paint colors: KKK sheet white). They can play the county fair circuit with the Duck assholes, Chuck Norris, Ted Nugent and the rest of the glitterati of the right wing.

  20. gregorybrown says

    @Marym: God LOVES rich people, and wants all of us to be rich. Don’t you watch Joel Osteen, Creflo Dollar or any of the multitude of Prosperity Gospel preachers ?

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