1. David From Canada says

    The individual who does/is Betty Bowers has the maturity level of a shallow, teenage kid.
    I simply can’t see a meaningful, mature adult dressing and acting like this. Bizarre.

  2. simon says

    Blasphemy is funny because it blows the cover off some religions which claim to know everything, both on Earth and in heaven.
    Their truth is so fragile that they can’t tolerate jokes or criticisms. They deem themselves holy and any criticism blasphemy to protect their so-called truth.

  3. will says

    This is tired camp. I don’t mind blaphemous humor when it’s acerbically funny, but this is smug and cute — it’s tame, “nice” atheistic humor with no bite.

  4. woodroad34 says

    The pope is blasphemous for being the pope (from Merriam Webster: the act of claiming the attributes of deity — “because the Pope represents God as our Father” from; Tony Perkins/Bryan Brown/Maggie Gallagher/Franklin Graham are all blasphemous for believing they speak God’s words and know what God thinks. This is hardly any more blasphemous than a Sunday sermon. And she’s still biting and funny.

  5. Javier says

    The Title alone is blasphemous. It is one thing to poke fun at politically hypocritical people who claim to be Christian, quite another to misuse the name of Christ in this manner or otherwise say sacrilegious things about God.

  6. simon says

    “to misuse the name of Christ in this manner or otherwise say sacrilegious things about God”
    “Christ” is not a real historical figure.
    If there is any misuse, it was the anonymous authors of the Gospels who committed the crime of blasphemy of the non-existent Old Testament God. There was no mention of Jesus in Roman history until the end of the first century which has since been proved to be a forgery by Christians. (Another blasphemy.)

  7. JoshyBoy says

    @SIMON, your first comment is rather nieve. You accuse Christians of not being able to take a joke. What happens if someone in a youtube video was to poke satirical fun of the gay community? Or even someone in a highly visible position? Or even someone simply disagreeing with some of the widely held veiwpoints of the gay community? They get a tirade of abuse…I’d suggest the gay community finds it hard to take a joke.
    I say this as a gay man, who loves our community and being in NZ, insanely proud of the newly created marriage equality laws. But I think Rupaul is right, there are some flaws with the gay community in that we have a complete intolerance with anyone that isn’t prepared to accept every single veiw that we hold – and brand them bigots and homophobes.
    I feel that we need to take a look at ourselves and perhaps approach things with a touch more humility.
    Anyway…just my thoughts.

  8. Malcolm says

    Sorry, but being gay does not mean being anti-Christian. I dislike the ACTIONS of the religious right too, but I am not going to go along with something like this that ridicules Christianity. As a same-sex oriented Christian who values my relationship with God more than all else, I find this posting very offensive and hateful.

  9. rick says

    What is your point? When someone pokes fun of the gay community, some in that community releases “a tirade of abuse”. When I said it is OK to make fun of Christianity, you are upset and called me “naive”. Just move on, time is too short to be upset about everything.

  10. JoshyBoy says

    Yes I agree! Also brought up in the chruch…I have a problem with the hipocracy of “religion” but have a strong faith. The problem isn’t Christianity (who’s mandate is to love) but with the individuals who twist Jesus’ words and use them to attack others. It makes me so sad.

  11. JoshyBoy says

    Oh Rick, or Simon…I’m not upset at all! I just wanted to point out that perhaps their was a viewpoint that you may not have considered. And then offering my thoughts on an area that the gay community could think on as a whole – an opinion given with love and respect. Nothing more xx

  12. simon says

    Don’t know which is more offensive. The official church calling gays “intrinsically disordered” and Tim Donut saying gay couples only entitled to “friendship”. And then some religious nuts upset about some little jokes.

  13. simon says

    It was just a response to people who are too stupid to know a single comment doesn’t represent the opinion of a whole community. That is exactly what I want people to do. Don’t mind what I said. I still have to say it. Church is still a joke. I don’t care about what you feel either.

  14. Bill says

    While I can see how some people might find that silly video offensive, it is also worth pointing out that the Catholic Church had a cottage industry of priests trying to make teenage boys feeling very, very guilty about what teenage boys tend to do. And that just might have done a lot more damage to real people than this video could ever do.

  15. emjayay says

    I’m confused. Does David From Canada just not understand the concepts of satire and theater and costuming and stuff like that?

    Not necessarily one of America’s Best Christian best. Check her out on YouTube for some really great ones.

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