1. GregV says

    Wow! I’ve been following this all day and crossed my fingers as the last minutes closed in. (And I never cared about an NFL draft before). St. Louis is not one of the best cities to be gay (but his presence can’t help but make it a better place) but at least he’s still in Missouri where he’s already established a reputation as a celebrated player.
    I can’t believe I’m actually excited about the NFL!

  2. Matteo says

    He has to make the team first, which is far from a guarantee for a seventh round draft pick. Still a big day. I’m crying watching him on ESPN. I can’t believe this macho sports channel is showing Sam repeatedly kissing his boyfriend on the lips

  3. Nat says

    Damn… on ESPN, they showed footage of Michael Sam and friends’ reaction to getting drafted. Brought tears to my eyes!

    Also, Michael Sam is f-ing hot as f—. Watching him hug and kiss his cute man (and cake smashing) is going to be J/O fodder for awhile!

  4. seadad says

    Agree with Matteo. I think what has truly been historic today has been watching ESPN showing the video feed of Michael kissing his boyfriend…then showing it again…then showing Michael shove cake in his boyfriend’s mouth and then kiss him again. WOW. And now they’re showing it again!

  5. Gary says

    SIMON: The negative comments are popping like popcorn on all the sites. I doubt he’ll be beat up, but his accomplishments are his own–they don’t belong to us.

  6. CC says

    Ugh! Was really hoping for someone of his own. Not racist in the least, but tired of the cliche same sexed b&w coupling. Where are the blk/blk couples? Its like they don’t exist. Such is life, I guess.

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