1. disgusted merican says

    The only people with an ‘agenda’ are the right-wing so-called christians who would not only like to deny gay people their basic human right to marry, but also want to refuse to do business with them, prohibit them from adopting children, and get them fired from their jobs.

    Their whole ‘hate the sin, love the sinner’ proposition requires a level of nuance and sophistication that these people are not capable of, and so they end up hating both.

    They base their hatred on a selective reading of the old testament while ignoring all the ‘abominations’ in those passages that apply to themselves.

    This is why our Founders and Framers made sure to separate church from state – because so-called christians can’t operate without hate.

  2. michaelr says

    Any one who tries to defend their non-bigotry by calling gays ‘homosexuals’ is a bigot. When was the last time you heard us use the word ‘homosexual’?

  3. Roscoe says

    If “men and women of faith” didn’t go around denouncing those of other faiths and sexual orientations, “men and women of faith” wouldn’t have to worry about being silenced. Poor darlings.

  4. pete n sfo says

    People that ‘love the homosexuals’ don’t waste their time enshrining discrimination into law.

    So pretty. So dumb.

    Don’t think too hard, boys. You’re heads might explode.

  5. Markt says

    Two very cute guys with tiny speech impediments, doing their best to make daddy happy even though they’re just a little different. They need to spend some time in the Big City.

  6. Jay says

    On the agenda front, when was the last time (if ever) you heard someone call the civil rights movement and agenda? if people can’t organize to demand their rights, then how are they supposed to get them? These two are nothing but a pair of hypocrites.

  7. Jon says

    The bigotry of the “gay-rights” movement, and the liberal establishment in this nation, is appalling, and will continue to make more Americans get a very bad taste in their mouths about the bullying-tactics of the Left. No one likes a bully. And the activist gay-rights movement continues to bully those who don’t believe as they do.

  8. Rad says

    @JAY, unfortunately, the RIGHT are now saying it civil rights were an agenda that never netted anything, therefore let’s rescind all the civil rights laws that were put on the books in the 60’s.

    And THAT right-wing agenda is moving forward.

  9. Tyler (from NY) says

    1st I am not the Tyler most are used to seeing on this site.
    I worry about our becoming intolerant to a level that approaches the extreme levels of those we disagree with.

  10. e.c. says

    I’ve got a deal for you guys. You can have your HGTV show back BUT every episode has to be centered on you helping a gay family transform their home. You claim to love homosexuals so why don’t you prove it. Since I’m sure you’ve happily worked with LOTS of gay clients in the past you shouldn’t have any problem, right?.

  11. Jack M says

    We love the people, but we don’t love their agendas. Isn’t it funny how some people don’t pay any attention to what comes out of their own mouths? Typical self-righteous Fundies.

  12. johnny says

    He’s never spoken out against an individual homosexual, but he’s basically denying any and all rights to gay people.

    See? That’s different. Riiiiiiight.

    We don’t want to silence Christians per se, but when they say and do stupid, bigoted things we’re going to stand together and come out against them. They can blather away with all the bigotry they want to, but don’t expect us to sit back and take it without having SOME kind of reaction and protest.

    And seemingly, that’s what interpret as “silencing Christians”. I say, bring it on, go ahead and tell us WHAT YOU REALLY THINK, but be prepared to face the consequences of hate speech.

  13. Sam says

    These guys are entitled to have any opinion they want, and to freely express it. They are not entitled to a job at HGTV. Interesting that the right wingers support things like the Mississippi law allowing discrimination, but then cry when they are the victim of discrimination.

  14. crispy says

    Bullied by who? I’d never even heard of these two until AFTER their show was cancelled, and I tend to follow the gay groups pretty closely.

    Just as the case with Mozilla, they were fired by a company that didn’t want their hatred and radical extremism associated with their brand. HRC, GLAAD, and other gay activist organizations had nothing to do with it.

  15. Daniel says

    See, I don’t really care if they “hate” gay people or not. What I care about is that they are seeking to deny gay people equal rights and women the right to control their own bodies.

  16. EYEROLL says

    I told you…the media would focus on the gay comments mainly and we would be painted as bullies. Considering their other views on Muslims, etc are just as vile. Just blame the gays though.

  17. DamFine says

    Christians have certainly run wild with the 33 words spoken by Jesus in the NT. Red-letter edition Bibles have created monsters in our midst. Christ was a fine man who would be appalled at those who use His Name to foment hatred in our society. Separation of Church & State, people!!!

  18. Phillie says

    Those two are so ready to being part of the GOP arena: They’ve conveniently forgotten about technology, and about being taped stating they’re against homosexuals and anyone respecting Muslims.

    Like all GOP representatives that have been caught in outright lies, they don’t understand that denying does not equate pressing on the “Delete” button.

    Everything stays boys! Yay internet!

  19. says

    People who appear on CNN (and myriad other media outlets) after spewing their radical views are not being silenced–quite the opposite. They’re being given a platform for their extremism (which they’re now trying to couch in false tolerance) most people never get. Twin liars.

    Why HGTV ever thought it was a good idea to have these creeps on TV is beyond me. Someone f-d up that vetting process; at least they came to their senses. Those who seek to deprive others of their civil rights (their agenda, not ours) can’t whine about being bullies, especially when the whole country is hearing their whining.

  20. The Milkman says

    I’m not all that old, but I’m old enough to recall vividly when commentary akin to that of the HGTV twins wouldn’t have raised a single eyebrow in much of the country. The fact that the majority of the country is moving so quickly in favor of equal human and civil rights for GLBT people is making the christianists become utterly disoriented, and so they lash out from a place of fear and uncertainty. It won’t change anything, though. These guys and others like them will have to adapt and learn to keep their bigotry to themselves (just like racists and misogynists and anti-Semites have had to do), or else live with the social opprobrium that is increasingly associated with letting your fag-hating flag fly. It’s an amazing thing for me to see… I never thought I’d see this in my lifetime.

    And boys, quit telling me you love gay people. We know what love is. Love is holding your best friend as he dies of the plague while his parents pretend it’s not happening. Love is committing to a relationship without a hint of public support, and making it work anyway. What you’re saying and doing isn’t love. It’s ignorance and hatred and fear. Don’t we have enough of that in the world? We certainly don’t need any more of it on cable TV.

  21. anon says

    This was all about ratings and contract negotiations. It’s just easier to put the blame elsewhere. You can make millions from a TV contract if you play your cards right, but 95% of the time the show tanks and that’s it, you’re done.

  22. mike says

    Their faith did cost them the show. So be it. My homosexuality still costs me lots of things, and it has for 50+ years. Sorry boys but it’s a new day a new age, so buck up. Your faith is about to take a back seat to the homosexual “agenda” (which is to have the same rights as everyone else…nothing more).
    Maybe you should try being closet-case boys of faith – see how that works out for you.

  23. mike says

    I hope GHTV never states why they walked away from this show. It is very typical for publishers, producers, film companies, to refuse various projects for no reason whatsoever.

  24. Mark says

    I don’t know about you but I certainly am NOT feeling the love!!! BTW..what IS the homosexual agenda? Mine is to spend mothers’ day with my mother!!! She loves having a gay son!!!

  25. Mark says

    I don’t know about you but I certainly am NOT feeling the love!!! BTW..what IS the homosexual agenda? Mine is to spend mothers’ day with my mother!!! She loves having a gay son!!!

  26. JT says

    Maybe CNN or the Christian Broadcasting Network would like to produce their show. I guess only bigots will be their clients here on out in real estate.
    HGTV did the right thing in cancelling the show and their association with these guys after finding out how nutty these guys’ views are. Pretty much everyone under 40 and many more older than that, can see beyond “love the sinner, not the sin” rhetoric.
    If more religious people would keep their religion or religious beliefs to themselves we would all benefit more in civil areas.

  27. greg says

    when christian teenagers keep their faith a shameful secret, get tormented and bullied in school and commit suicide in alarming numbers – then I will believe that christians are a persecuted minority. Till then these a**hats are using religion as an excuse for bigotry period.

  28. JackFknTwist says

    @TYLER from NY :
    Don’t worry about us becoming intolerant. and as for @JON, your post is too stupid to bother about.

    These two, Tweedledumb and Tweedledumber, are lying through their teeth.
    They love ‘homosexuals’…..but not their ‘agenda’ ……now doesn’t that sound so familiar to ‘Love the sinner;hate the sin.’ ?

    And we saw where that piece of religious sophistry got the religionists…..all the way to calling us in their catechism ‘intrinsically defective.’
    Yeah, I understand; you love homosexuals but you have to burn the evil out of them.
    Now where did I put that stake ?

  29. barryearle says

    I heard them on the radio today and they kept making a distinction between what they believe and attacking people. What they can’t comprehend is that what they believe results in people being attacked. Their beliefs are part of a culture that says gays deserve less and are lesser in God’s eyes and, therefore, are ripe for attacking both verbally and physically. They just don’t get it and probably never will.

  30. JackFknTwist says

    @MIKE :
    You are absolutely right,
    My ‘homosexuality’ has cost me dearly over the years, career, company, friendship, business peace of mind…..and still does.
    And the years of hostility and ‘shunning’ have influenced my personality.
    Without becoming bitter I now no longer tolerate these oafs with their presumption of god given superiority.
    I am incensed with their putrid phraseology ,’faith based’ ‘the homosexual agenda…etc.

    If we don’t have an agenda we should get one.
    It was an agenda by ACT UP which got research going in the eighties and nineties. If it had been left to the faith based Reagan and and the anti-gay establishment we would all have been dismissed as getting our just deserts because of our disgusting ‘lifestyle’.
    We needed an agenda then ; we need one now.

    First item on my agenda ?
    The exposure of these stinking hypocrite bigots……
    Second item : send these two with Scott Lively to Uganda, forever.

  31. Wendy3Becca says

    Jack, I think I’m just too old to understand the lack of civility I see. There are so many posts here that show hate for religion, when I was embraced by many who were very sincere in their religious beliefs. You hate what these two said, fine but to be so hateful to all religion just turns me off. Like politics today where it has become us against them where us has become parties and not people demanding from elected officials. Dems overlook horrid behavior to protect dems, gop says whateverthehell stupid thought they come up with to protect gop.

  32. james street james says

    So they are twins who are good at interior decoration, staging a home to flip it. And they go to the gym together, a lot. They like to sit touching each other. Maybe the show’s sponsors thought they were too gay??? (That is a hot pink shirt isn’t it?)

    Probably just need to re-title the show: Gay eyes for straight homeowners, and move it to a gay cable network and schedule it to follow Nate Berkus’ show.

    Problem solved. Now everyone can be happy.

  33. Bill says

    @crispy : regarding Mozilla, Eich was not fired. He resigned, with no publicly stated reason. It could
    have been simply for not doing a stellar job of managing the situation. The skill set for being a successful CEO and being good in a technical position are not the same.

    Since we don’t know the reason, perhaps the smart thing to say is that we don’t know why he resigned and leave it at that (something the right wing does not want to do).

    BTW, California labor law provides protections for employees who engage in the political process. It does not provide protections for employees who don’t do a good job of PR when their position requires that.

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