1. Marc says

    Chris, Mike, Patrick and Jim have the most interesting comments I have ever seen on Towleroad. I love how they dig deep. They’re almost like Oprah.

  2. petey says

    Mario Diaz – the stereotype that keeps on stereotyping. I’d much rather have a quiet night in front of my computer.

  3. johnny says

    Agreed, Petey, but how about a nice dinner out with friends and then retire to someone’s house for cocktails on the deck or a cook out or something that doesn’t require going deaf and watching club games all night at the meat market?

  4. MP says

    Love guys who help other guys get their freak on. it’s a calling. Done right, memories to last a lifetime. Thank you Mario for your public service contributions.

    P.S.- Hot men at the top of the video!

  5. Dan says

    Matio is not a stereotype, if he heard that he would probably laugh and say thank you.

    He’s a super nice,very kind openminded guy. In fact he’s so caring that one night while I was in drag blowing some guy (while 4 of my drag sisters cheered me on), Mario was doing someone in my bedroom. He was kind of enough to say : Great time oh and I’d recommend washing the green towel. True Story and I love every second of it!!!

  6. pablo says

    He’s caring because he dirtied one of your towels? That’s a low bar.

    But anyway, what’s the interest in such a generic look? If you’re going to be a wild party animal, you might as well be creative about it.

  7. BrokebackBob says

    Completely utterly vacuous and empty-headed. I want to see the results of the blood-tests before get within 30 feet.

  8. says

    Wow, a lot a negative nancies on here. You don’t like club parties, then don’t go. Everyone who isn’t like YOU isn’t terrible. There’s so much in the world to stand up against: climate change, income inequality, anti-gay/anti-trans violence, etc, why are you so mad about some gogo boys?

  9. Howard B says

    I’m with Miss Understood. I’ve never been to a club party and have no interest in ever going, but why all the hate against those that do?

    My husband and I would rather socialize with other couples with quiet dinners at home, but if I were young and single, I could see myself wanting a club party atmosphere complete with go-go boys. To each their own.

  10. Mick says

    I got to bed too early these days to go out to a club night, but at the turn of century I was in love with HOT DOG, the night Mario did at the Parlour in WEHO. It had amazing music, unique performers, and all of the people you wanted to be crammed on the dance floor with.

    Mario always had a smile on his face, which I mean as a compliment.

  11. Mr. McGinnis says

    The whole idea that Mario is a stereotype is ridiculous. He’s a totally creative, unique individual and also a very sweet, generous guy.

  12. Cake says

    I don’t think people understand just how much effort it takes to set all of this up and make sure people have a good time. Love himmmmm.