Dr. Ben Carson to Keynote NOM’s First Ever Gala Dinner

Ben carson

Dr. Ben Carson, the Fox news contributor who previously compared gay marriage to NAMBLA and sex with animals, will be the keynote speaker at the National Organization for Marriage’s first Gala dinner in Washington D.C. next month.

Equality Matters reports:

In a May 6 email to supporters, NOM President Brian Brown wrote that "it's 1972 for marriage," referring to the year before the U.S. Supreme Court affirmed a woman's right to an abortion and the growing expectation that the Court will take up marriage equality once again by 2015. To protest the frightening possibility that same-sex couples nationwide will soon enjoy civil equality, NOM will hold its second annual March for Marriage in Washington on June 19.

The gala dinner will take place that evening and tickets are on-sale now ranging in price from $300-$10,000.

Be sure and get a ticket now, as they're likely to sell out fast and who knows how expensive they'll be once scalpers get a hold of what's left!


  1. bkmn says

    Mr. Carson is lucky it is 2014. A few centuries ago he would have been indentured to people like Brian Brown.

    Shame he has such a distorted view of history as it relates to people of color.

  2. Tigernan says

    That’s just so weird. An entire dinner, where people dress up, so that they can sit there bitching about how gays are destroying America. And every cater waiter there is rolling their eyes to high heaven.

  3. emjayay says

    I don’t understand how someone so angry and small minded and simple minded could be a big time professor and surgeon and head of a major hospital department.

  4. Vint says

    There really needs to be a cater-waiter boycott of NOM and its ilk.

    In addition to being intrinsically right, it would also be a mitzvah to *not* feed Maggie Gallagher.

  5. I'm layla miller i know stuff says

    The Paranoia Switch by Martha Stout (amazon.com)

    Cowbird Politics

    Pg. 158

    Deliver a diatribe about same-sex marriage – not part of the same central issue, but a topic know to jab painfully at the fundamental difference between conservative and liberals. Say to your constituency, in effect, “Let’s you and them fight.”

    Such tactics of distraction and division help to conceal a power play that I call cowbird politics, after the little North American “brood parasite” that makes no home for its offspring, preferring instead to lay its eggs in the nest of other birds, who will be confused but far more responsible that he cowbird.

    A cowbird politician, who is interested only in acquiring and maintaining individual power, has few genuine convictions, either liberal or conservative, but may be ensconced in a traditional political party (as Joe McCarthy was, for example). The purloined “nest” serves as a power base and also as camouflage. We tend to honor party labels and not to look behind them, making pure self-interest difficult to see.

    But cowbird politicians, regardless of which political banner they wave, are definitely not team players. They are often the most divisive leader of all, because behind the camouflage, their agendas are not prescribed or limited by any philosophy or system of values. They can and do use the hammer of fear politics for their own purposes, ignoring protests from both halves of the political continuum.

    Typically, the unspoken subjective experience of a cowbird politician is that of traveling high above such categories, in a flight path that will tolerate no redirection. For a period of time, this lofty and sing-mined trajectory can appear heroic to the populace, until, upon closer inspection, the high-flying cowbird is revealed to be not so much free of political constraints as he is emotionally untethered from important group concerns.

  6. William says

    Last year, HOSA chose this man as our Keynote Speaker at the National Leadership Conference. I remember being amazed with indignation when his name was announced, because it was less than a week after he compared gays to NAMBLA and animal lovers.

  7. Paul B. says

    I’m a bit sick & twisted so have this to say…can I tie up this sorry ass excuse for an african american and plow his face till he gags and drops dead? Please?

  8. candide says

    rumor has it that rob tisani and the box turtle bulletin boys plus john corvino will be speaking as well. they’re going to be honored for their anti-gay brainchild, “freedom to marry, freedom to dissent.”

  9. Jack M says

    It’s just another step in Carson’s plan to enter politics as a right-winger. Everything that comes out of his mouth is for his own benefit.

    And, BTW, Dr. Carson has retired from his medical practice and is no longer associated with Johns Hopkins.

  10. woodroad34 says

    a morally, emotionally and intellectually crippled man. He perverts the bible to his own end, he hates through bible as through a glass darkly and he hates so remorsefully that one wonders what kind of childhood he had.

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