Dustin Lance Black And Tom Daley Move In Together in London


The 39-year-old screenwriter of Milk and J. Edgar Dustin Lance Black recently moved into the London apartment of his boyfriend, Olympic bronze medalist diver and former-bisexual 19-year-old Tom Daley.

E Entertainment reports: "Black, who previously lived in L.A., says he's really 'enjoying it there,' according to the Daily Mail. Black says he only returns to SoCal so that his friends don't 'think he's died.'"

(photo instagram dlanceblack)


  1. Mike8787 says

    I’m confused…doesn’t he need a visa to live in England? They issued him one to sit around and write crap?

  2. peterparker says

    Who cares?! I’m *so* weary of the breathless reporting on their every move.

  3. Jacob W says

    This falls well below the bar of news (but yay for them). There are plenty of other gay-tabloid websites; Towleroad can do better than that. Please keep trying.

  4. Jere says

    The visa question really depends on a lot of factors. DLB could simply be coming in on a tourist visa and flying back to LA once a month or so for a few days. I think the standard passport stamp allows you to stay in the country for 90 days. It would be entirely different if he were actually seeking employment in the UK, but he’s probably considered “self-employed,” so it doesn’t matter whether he’s doing any writing in the UK or not.

  5. Brix says

    That’s disgusting. Lance is 200% the age of Tom. I now view Lance as a pedophile.

  6. mike says

    Im quite sure England would support someone who can bring talent and ideas to the Entertainment industry over there….hes very welcome to come and hes a very clever man who probably has applied for visas….. and i wish them both well. How about a little love and support for a change ? They both seem like perfectly nice men.


    “former-bisexual” LOL. These two will be done in less than a year. Word.

  8. JP says

    Seriously tho… they’re 20 years apart. #age-ist

    I’m in my 20’s and I couldn’t date a teen. wtf would we talk about? How was high school graduation? lol I obvs just don’t get it.

  9. MATTROCKS says

    BRIX = JUNE. Look the other way if it bothers your delicate senses so much.

  10. LORD NOSEY says

    Dear Brix/June:

    I know you are not perfect. I see everything. Quit judging others.



  11. *****overTX says

    As long as they are happy, what business is it of anyone else? There is enough heartbreak in the world without others condemning there happiness and projecting doom for their future.

  12. rascal says

    The toxic judgment and prejudice on this site has become unbearable. Andy, just close comments already. It’s over.

  13. Robert says

    I agree that the comment section on this site is a cesspool of hatred and insanity, but this really is, for lack of a better term, a gross relationship. I’m pretty disgusted by it. As a 19 year old, I absolutely would have shacked up with a 39 year old, so I can’t fault Tom. But this is clearly a relationship based on Dustin just lusting after a 19 year old. I’m 32 and I even find 25 year olds insufferable. Most of my friends do, too. A 19 year old will not help you expand your horizons or grow as a person or give you new insight to life. All they can offer you is a smooth smile and a fresh hole.

  14. DENVER says

    “As a 19 year old, I absolutely would have shacked up with a 39 year old, so I can’t fault Tom.”

    But when you were 19 it wouldn’t have been gross but now that you are older you find it gross? That says a lot about your motives. Or it is just plain hypocritical. Your post reeks of you only seeing things through what is in it for you.

    Here is a concept: maybe Tom WANTS to date an older man! Why is this so hard for people to accept? If it bothers some of you delicate flowers, just date people in your own age range. No one is forcing you to do it. So, if you don’t like it, don’t do it and just worry about your own lives.

  15. denizo says

    “I’m so sick of the site shoving this story down my throat, in and out, , bending me over and entering me with it every second of every day…” blah blah. If you’re not interested, don’t click on it. It’s not that tough.

  16. Brix says

    I wonder if DLB also dates people 20 years older than himself? I’ve seen Lance around and I have never seen him dating a 59 year old.
    Unlike child/parent or student/teacher relationships, for a romantic relationship to be healthy, it would need to be based on balance/equality. When I see a 200% difference in ages, I view it as more mutual objectification than a relationship based on mutual experience.

  17. jed says

    good for them. love is love. if you sit in judgment on others, that’s your issue.

  18. Ullrich Braun says

    Both Tom and Lance are of legal age. Both have successful careers. Both men are millionaires in their own right. Both are known for their personal integrity. It was Tom who approached Lance. Seems to me their relationship doesn’t need our approval. Be it long or be it short, it can still be a loving and learning experience for both of them. I, for one, wish them well.

  19. BETTY says

    BRIX fancies him/herself a relationship expert. How long have you been married/in a long term relationship? Why don’t you worry about what goes on in your own backyard.

  20. Aleck Avery says

    I wonder if DLB attended the kiddie pool parties with that X-Men director.

  21. Mick says

    I am very happy for them and I wish them a lifetime of happiness. They are both incredibly talented, successful and sexy, and they deserve all the best in their personal lives. Congratulations, guys!!!

  22. Arrow says

    I looked awesome at 50. Was that quote that he only comes to LA so his friends don’t “think he died,” or “wish he died?”

  23. bravo says

    DLB looks fantastic. TD fell for him madly. I wish them happiness. So what it is not forever.

  24. Nomi says

    It’s repugnant to take advantage of an uneducated, barely legal boy half your age with serious Daddy issues. Team Brix!

  25. pampermyass says

    How is this worthy of a post? Who cares? I doubt Tim Daley is a millionaire too. Team Brix!

  26. mike says

    Regarding the Visa question.
    DLB can stay up to six months without any Visa. Longer than six months he would need to apply for an extended visit Visa, which he would most likely have approved since he wouldn’t be looking for work.

  27. Kissyfur says

    When I was twenty I dated a 38 year old because he was mature and out and knew what he wanted.

  28. BETTY says

    NOMI and PAMPERMYASS: Team BRIX consists of one person: you. You really need to get over your bitterness and worry about things that are really important in life. Not whether too people are happy just because you clearly aren’t.

  29. acde says

    The ageist comments are as predictable as rain. Many young guys are attracted to older more mature guys and vice versa for reasons you don’t “get”. That is not your bent – and that is all it is. That is not a reason to reject that as an option. Your thinking is right there hand-in-glove with the irrational homophobes/queerhaters who don’t “get” same sex attraction – and you know the fight we carry on to change that attitude. Think it through and give up on the delicate turned up noses in disgust – we are bigger than that.