1. Gary says

    One of my college professors said writing is : How Does Who Do What And Why? What happened with Hoover and his homosexuality?
    Was he? Not enough material?

  2. MikeBoston says

    Too bad DLB didn’t do copious amounts of research before he bent over backwards to suck up to Ken Mehlman and the his big bank account he amassed while at the same time, selling out his own community. I wish DLB and his lover well, but DLB is of zero interest to this part of the gay community. Perhaps the few people left writing checks to AFER would like to know more about his process.

  3. UGH says

    ODEE/ AKA SAM: Because you troll EVERY time a DLB story is on here and you make the same tired, snide comments. Again, why does who he dates affect you and why are you so bitter about it?

  4. daws says

    @odee: I lol’d!

    Great video. I’ve taken a couple fiction writing workshops, and have writing short fiction, but I’ll be taking my first screenwriting class this fall. Really looking forward to it. I love seeing other writer’s systems and how they approach the craft. Very interesting and gets me amped.

  5. Red says


    He is currently working on screenplays for ‘Under the Banner of Heaven’ for director Ron Howard and “Barefoot Bandit’ for director Robert Zemeckis.

  6. Jaxon says

    if this process led to that piece of crap “J. Edgar” then we might ax it. And “Milk” was a good movie but that script was hardly Awards material.

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